A minor who stole two pistols at the Canillas police compound was arrested after being shot in the air in Vallecaso


A juvenile judge in Madrid has agreed to place a 16-year-old under house arrest at a semi-open juvenile center

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Inauguration of new police officers in Canillas.Xavi Martinez
  • planning A minor arrested for stealing two pistols by jumping off a security wall at Canillas Police Macrocomplex

16-year-old minor who broke into the headquarters of the National Police in Canillas (Madrid) last Sunday and Two pistols and ammunition stolen The arrest was made a few hours after one of the weapons was demonstrated through the streets of Valaques, where He fired at least two bullets in the air. According to police sources.

A juvenile judge in Madrid granted his i. have agreed toDetention in a center for minors in a semi-open regime For teenagers according to Efe. By adhering to the internment in a semi-open regime, you will be able to participate in training, educational, work and leisure activities outside the centre.

The teen, of Spanish nationality and Moroccan descent, jumped off a three-metre-high security wall behind one of the pavilions on the complex before noon. According to police sources, was moving around facilities with clear signs of being under the influence of drugs until he saw an open window and entered a building.

No security device raised an alarm nor did the agents on duty come to know about the presence of the minor in the premises. At one point, the teenager entered a pavilion in the logistics area without any entry, reaching an office where some agents had kept their belongings in various lockers.

so the smallest He stole items like two pistols, ammunition and belts from the police uniform. Later, he left the Canilas premises again, without alerting any officer on duty.

The alarm went off when the first police officers entered the premises where everything was in disarray and remembered the two handcuffs stolen by the teenager.

But a few hours later, in the mid-afternoon, 091 received several calls for the detonation of what may have been a pistol in the Valeques neighborhood.

The minor was displaying one of the pistols stolen from the Canillas compound on public streets, firing at least one shot into the air. When agents interviewed him, he He said he did not remember that he had been in the central facilities of the National Police.

The minor was immediately arrested and a stolen weapon was seized at the time. Also, he was wearing a police uniform belt. After the arrest, the police accompanied him to his house, where They conducted a search, in which the second pistol stolen by the teenager was recovered.

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