A new shooting shook America: Unhappy with a surgery, he killed his doctor and three others in Tuslas


The shooter also killed three other people before committing suicide at the Oklahoma Medical Center.

The entrance to St. Francis Hospital, where the shooting took place, in Tulsa.
The entrance to St. Francis Hospital, where the shooting took place, in Tulsa.AFP
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With hardly any time left to recover from the traumatic massacre of 19 children and two teachers at a school in Uvalde last week, the United States once again became the scene of a mass shooting. This time it happened at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second most populous city. Local police said a heavily armed shooter entered St Francis Hospital and killed four people before taking his own life.

The shooter has been identified as Michael Lewis, an African American who had purchased an AR-15 assault weapon on the day of the incident and also had a pistol. Louis ended the lives of his doctor Preston Phillips and another doctor, Stephanie Hussein. The other two dead have been identified as William Love and Amanda Green, a receptionist and a patient.

Apparently, the author of the umpteenth massacre in America so far this year –233, as per Gun Violence File-, as Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin explained to reporters, he was not satisfied with the back operation Phillips had conducted. The surgery took place on 24 May, and in the days following, the patient “complained pain several times and asked for additional treatment.”

Last Tuesday, the doctor saw Louis again, but on Wednesday he called again due to persistent back pain. He insisted on further treatment. Shortly after 2 p.m. that same day, he walked into a local gun shop, bought his semi-automatic rifle, and went on a killing spree at the hospital.

Louis arrived at the medical center a few minutes before 5 p.m. and went to the second floor armed with his rifle and pistol. According to officials, the police response was swift.who reached the spot minutes later. They say that the shooting stopped shortly after and they found that the shooter had been shot. Apparently he had taken his own life.

Tulsa police have confirmed that they have recovered a letter from Louis stating that he was going to kill the doctor who operated on him and “anyone who got in his way.” After several criticisms against agents in Uvalde, Texas, who took more than an hour to catch the killer, Salvador Ramos, local security forces insisted that the intervention was “immediate and without hesitation” and that Louis removed himself. Gave. Give life a few minutes after they reached the scene.

The hospital’s chief executive, Cliff Robertson, said they had a very difficult road ahead of them. “We are the more than 10,000 people who are part of the St. Francis health system, who dedicate their lives every day to caring for those in need. This terrible and incomprehensible act is not going to change that.” According to doctors cited by local media, the attack comes as the medical center began to contain the pandemic. “To think that our caregivers are suffering is incomprehensible to me”Indic L Doc Ryan Parker.

The massacre also coincides with the 101st anniversary of the bloody day that was baptized. black wall street, when a mob of white men killed 300 African-Americans and left nearly 10,000 homeless after 35 blocks of the Greenward neighborhood north of Tulsa. It also adds to a bloody streak in the US in recent weeks that began on May 14 in Buffalo, New York.

That day, an 18-year-old, a supporter of white supremacist principles, went to a supermarket in a majority black neighborhood and killed 10 people, all of whom were African American. A few days later, a man staged another scene of terror at a church in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. Balance: One dead and five injured.

One of the small towns of Uvalde in western Texas is currently This year’s worst so far, Ramos, an 18-year-old youth, managed to reach the local elementary school and end the lives of 19 children and their two teachers, in a massacre that has once again put on the table the urgency of law reform. arms sales.

There are currently talks between Republican and Democratic senators to reach an agreement and establish limits or controls on the sale of military-style assault weapons, although this has been a difficult road to travel due to historical resistance from conservatives. are supposed to. Caucus Meanwhile, the mayor of Tulsa, George Bynum has mandated that all flags on official buildings be flown at half-staff. For the next four nights in honor of the four victims. Mourning over the shootings in America has become permanent.

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