A passenger with no flying experience manages to land a private plane after the pilot becomes unwell


The man contacted air traffic controllers who told him what to do to land him at Palm Beach Airport in Florida

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Stock image of an airport control tower.German G. llama
  • America A passenger wearing a red thong as a mask was ejected from a plane in Florida

A passenger with no flying experience has achieved A private plane successfully landed in Florida After the pilot felt unwell. Events reported by CNN are Tuesday afternoon today.

In an audio obtained by the series, the passenger is heard telling air control services via the aircraft’s radio that he did not know how the plane was flown, but that the situation was “serious”. “My pilot is unwell and I don’t know how to fly the plane,” he says.

At the same time an air traffic controller started giving him Instructions on how to land Plane to make it to International Airport in Palm Beach, Florida. In the audio you can hear the controller saying on the radio that he will try to keep the wings level and will very slowly push the plane’s controls forward and down, so that the plane begins to descend. “Try to follow the beach north or south, we’re trying to find you,” he said.

Meanwhile, another air traffic controller told the planes they were in the same area as what was happening.

In the end, the passenger was able to successfully land the private plane. it was a plane Cessna 208 In which two passengers were traveling, in addition to the pilot, whose health condition is unknown, however, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration in a statement collected by CNN, they suffered a “potential medical problem”.

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