A Pregnant Woman’s Journey Thanks to a Donated Embryo: “If I had known, I would have frozen my eggs earlier”

He wants to hide his name, as he deals with the public and prefers to avoid prying questions. CMF is 42 years old and has a baby 14 weeks in her womb. it’s a girl

He has neither a partner, nor a future child, his genes. CMF for Assisted Reproduction is pregnant and after several treatments, many euros and many other attempts, she implants an embryo donated by a couple. It wasn’t his first option, but ultimately, it’s the one that has caught on. And be careful with the matter as it is taking shape: a few days ago the seed was already 7.4 centimeters. At the moment, it grows divinely.

June is the international month fertility care, something that we only remember when thunderstorms hit Santa Barbara. In most cases, the alarm goes off when a couple fails to conceive naturally after a year of continuous intercourse without using contraceptive methods.

But it is not the case of CMF”I broke up with my boyfriend when I was 38, I found myself alone and decided not to wait for the ideal partner to have children, so between that year and the next, I cut [congel] In the last of three batches of my vultures, I decided to fertilize her with an anonymous donor according to her characteristics because the embryos survive better”, she explains. With that procedure, she managed to freeze 11 eggs and two embryos.

“I found out about these procedures by chance. Of course, if I had known about it, I would have done it earlier, because age is important,” he explains.

Fertility counseling tab

Dr. Rosa Maria Daurelio is a gynecologist specializing in reproductive medicine and coordinator of the Implantation Failure Unit at the Ginefiv Specialty Clinic with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. In her opinion, there is still a lack of awareness and information: “We tend to underestimate the age factor and when it comes to women who are 42 or 43, everything is much more difficult. There is a fear of going to fertility counseling. is still very much taboo, but prevention is best“, Understand.

The gynecologist says, however, that everything is slowly changing and sometimes she finds women in their thirties who want to know their status before a possible future motherhood. “It’s very simple and not invasive at all. It involves counting the follicles with a simple ultrasound and an analysis to find out their ovarian reserve via antimullerian hormone,” she explains. Thus, she continues, with the data in hand, a woman can decide whether it is convenient for her to freeze her eggs before continuing for years.

Because the point is that the calendar moves forward and, with it, ticks: “There’s a very graphic example: Years ago a 40-year-old woman looked like an old woman. Today, on the other hand, she might have a Incredible physical appearance, but inside and for breeding purposes, they are exactly the same,” he said.

a failed pregnancy

Only four out of 11 CMF segments survived thawing When, last year, after saving them for two, they decided to get down to business. Her two fetuses also did not progress and stopped growing. “Maybe if my eggs were smaller, their quality would be better…”, he laments. Fertilize those who are left and He implanted one which ended in pregnancy.

It didn’t go well. At the eighth week it stopped beating and she, alone at home and under medical prescription, inserted the abortion pill into the vagina: “I had the fetus in my hand. It was shocking on the one hand, but on the other I was excited to meet her . a certain way.” way. I buried him in a tree Near my house and when I pass by, I remember that,” he says.

He tried the last of his remaining eggs. They fertilized her, implanted her, and this time there was no pregnancy. At 41, she herself saw nothing, “the disappointment was enormous” after all the treatments, but she continued in her determination to try it alone: ​​”At that age, it’s most likely that if Let me find a partner, whether I will have children or not.’ I can’t depend on others,

35 years limit

Dr. Daurelio acknowledges that this profile of single women is increasingly common in assisted reproduction clinics and emphasizes the importance of age. Although every woman is different, there is a number that spins like a mantra: 35 years

When a woman is a minor but does not become pregnant with her partner, both are healthy, the first thing to do is seminarThat is, introduce sperm into the vagina with a catheter. But if the age is older or the couple has been looking for pregnancy for a long time (2-3 years), the gynecologist explains, “there is no time to waste with conception.”

it’s time for Fecundacin in vitroExtracting eggs from the patient and using partner or donor sperm if necessary. The resulting embryo (approximately 50-60%) should be placed five days before being transferred to the uterus To check its viability, but, be careful, here again the 35-year limit appears: “If it’s younger, we transplant one and freeze the rest. If it’s older, then To rule out problems due to age, we biopsies them and freeze them all. Once it has been verified that they are not abnormal, nor do they have a high risk of miscarriage or Down syndrome, we now can implant them in women”, Dr. Daurelio explains. this process can Lasts for about two months.

embryo donation


CMF eggs didn’t respond well, so she wanted to try another opcin ms insuranceImplantation of embryos from another pair. She assumed that her child would not have her genes, but she made up for it knowing it would come from younger, healthier people.

One couple had “given up” after undergoing fertilization treatments with which they managed to have children, so they relied on their luck. “I checked everything, even his physical features, although I didn’t really care. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than trying again with my own eggs.” I don’t keep track of what I’ve spent, but it is a lot. And that my company’s medical insurance covers 40% of the treatment,” he explains.

Dr. Daurelio explains that this treatment, if the patient is healthy, is usually done until the age of 50 because There is more life in the uterus than in the ovaries. “We have completely normal pregnancies and births,” he says.

“I like to think that my daughter has siblings, even though I don’t know them,” she says. The CMF also clarifies: “Not everything is genetics. I’m not just an oventhey say. “According to epigenesis, my blood and genes would also affect his traits, activating one instead of the other, so he would have something about me.”

In other words, the ‘continent’ affects the material. And that ‘continent’ is “very happy and very excited.” She knows there will be tough times, that she will face single motherhood, but she keeps her eyes on her mother, a future grandmother, with whom she lives very close.

s the gut is still very early And so far her pregnancy is going very well. Her plans are now the same as any pregnant woman’s: pick a hospital she likes and prepare the baby’s nest. Three bags of clothes await her, an ‘inheritance’ from a friend, and her to think about where she keeps the mini crib and bathtub promised by another mom. That is to say, the “trafficking” of children’s junk that most parents practice, and which fixes the planet and the domestic economy when a child comes home.

Her brother will accompany her in childbirth. She often hears that she is too brave to have a child alone, but she admits that she has only had to adapt to her reality as it has come along. “I wanted 30. be mom before And look! You can’t plan…!”, he concluded.

We don’t ask what the girl’s name is, discreetly, but we end up with what older women want, who know most: “You thought you were cool.”

It goes out of accounts on 6th December.

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