A prosecutor shot dead in southern Honduras


The crime was committed when Almenderes opened the gate of his house upon his return from the gym.

Karen Almenderes
Honduran prosecutor Karen Almenderes was killed this Friday.EM

environmental prosecutor in the south of Honduras, Karen AlmenderesUnknown assailants shot dead in the city last night Nacamewhere he lives, local media reported this Saturday.

when the offense was committed almond tree Open the gate of your house, in the neighborhood the chagitayon the way back from the gym Nacamein the south Valley Departmentwith border Protector,

national policeWho has not reported the bloody incident, according to the brief, the crime zone has been closed.

According to unofficial versions, the murdered prosecutor was the sister of a high-ranking official. Honduran Armed Forces,

Between 10 and 13 murders per day

ruling party deputy Liberty and Refoundation (free) y ex financial Jari Dixon sorry for killing me almond tree In a message posted on the social network Twitter.

“They kill the prosecutor Karen Almenderes In NacameMy condolences to his family, Karen was my assistant when I was a prosecutor, how awful,” Dixon said.

faced criminal violence Honduras According to official sources, it causes an average of ten to thirteen deaths per day.

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