A rebirth left in France threatens Macron’s mandate


Mélenchon’s coalition leads the way in elections ahead of legislative elections.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the left-wing Nups coalition, during a rally in ParisGeoffroy van der HasseltAFP

Just two months after Emmanuel Macron was re-elected president, France faces Another uncertain date with the election, It is not his rival of the time, the extreme right-wing Marine Le Pen, but the leader of the extreme left, Jean-Luc Mlenchon, who threatens to complicate the centrist mandate if the coalition he leads receives a majority. does. Legislative elections, the first round of which are due this Sunday.

The latest poll, four days before the vote, put the party with which Macron leads in these elections, Renaissance, and its allies with 28% support, Barely half a point above a coalition of the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (Nups), led by Mélancheon, the leader of the French Insumisa, who would receive 27.5% of the vote.

Progress of the Mlenchon Coalition Macronist camp worries, above all because it would complicate governance. In elections to the Assembly, the majority is forged which would later validate or impede the President’s reforms. According to this survey published by Le Monde, Marine Le Pen will receive 20% support.

The appointment takes place two months after the presidency within the so-called French electoral spring, with elections to elect the deputies of the National Assembly. It is also voted on in two rounds, immediately after, To prevent the indication of government from being different from that of parliament, which makes governance difficult, This instance of cohabitation occurred during the mandate of the conservative Jacques Chirac, with socialist Lionel Jospin as prime minister.

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be mlenchonmanaged to unite the Left in these elections, Something unimaginable a few months ago and Marine is ahead of Le Pen. With the election four days after the first appointment (the 19th is the second election round) the picture is as follows: Macron, who promised a new mandate, is missing in the campaign, formed a late government and some of his ministers Already embroiled in controversy: the solidarity minister is accused of rape and the interior chief has to justify the chaotic security equipment deployed for the Champions League final. Along with this, there is also a controversy regarding the police action after the death of a youth at the police post in recent times.

This is the context in which the final phase of this campaign takes place, which France’s Worst Ghosts Have Raised: Insecurity, violence and conflict in the country’s most vulnerable areas, particularly in the Paris Belt, so-called Suburb, This is the case of Seine Saint-Denis, where the events took place during the Champions League final and, incidentally, Macron was in an election act yesterday. As he said on Twitter, Melanchon has accused the police of abuse of power, including murder.

There is widespread concern about Mlenchon’s progress in Elseo. He has already indicated that if the Left wins, Macron will have to appoint him prime minister. The President has made it clear that no party can dominate the President. Macron told the regional press that he chooses the prime minister and that no party can impose his name on him.

A former Macronist minister warned about the risks of Macron-Melenchon coexistence: we have a social crisis (yellow vest), a health crisis (pandemic) and a geopolitical crisis (the war in Ukraine). Let’s not add an institutional crisis to a country that is no longer governable.

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