A request to the Pope of the wives of the soldiers of the Azov battalion surrounded on the Azovstal pavement: “Talk to Putin to let them go. They are without water, without food”


After last week’s evacuation, there are no civilians left at the facility. The Ukrainian government is looking for a way to evacuate the injured in critical condition.

The wives of two officers of the Azov regiment after meeting with the Pope.
The wives of two officers of the Azov regiment after meeting with the Pope.EFE
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A group of wives of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov War have asked Pope Francis to intervene “Save Lives” of Stranded Soldiers For several weeks on the Azovstal pavement in Maripol, surrounded by Russian forces.

“We ask the pope to visit Ukraine to speak to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” the 27-year-old wife of Azov battalion commander Denis Prokopenko told reporters. Spectators in St Peter’s Square.

During a meeting of about five minutes at the end of the general audience, some of those present were requested to the Pope on the occasion of the traditional greeting.

,We hope this meeting will serve to save his life., We are ready for any signal from the Pope, from his delegation. Our soldiers are ready to lay down their arms in case of taking out a third country.”

“We told the Pope that We have our 700 wounded soldiers who are suffering from gangrene, amputated (…) Many of them died, we could not bury them,” said 29-year-old Yulia Fedosyuk.

“We have asked the Pontiff for help, who acted as a third party in this war and to intervene so that they can pass through the humanitarian corridor. He told us that he prayed for us and that he was going to do everything he could. what he can do,” he added.

There are no civilians left on the sidewalkAfter the evacuation last week, according to a Ukrainian government official, who explained that they were looking for a way to evacuate the wounded in critical condition.

Army conditions are “terrible”, “No water, no food, no medical equipment”, Fedosyuk, who fears that the Russian army will capture, torture and kill them.

The Ukrainian General Staff announced on Tuesday that Russian artillery fire and aerial bombardment is continuing in the country’s southeast, including the Azovstal pavement.

According to Kyiv, the industrial complex is still entangled “MS of a Thousand Army”Among them, “hundreds of wounded” are found in a maze of galleries and dungeons that lay under the vast pavement of Soviet construction and represent the final rediscovery of the Ukrainian resistance in that port city south of the Donbs.

Ukrainian officials have said they are “working” on the possibility of evacuating wounded soldiers, medical personnel and military chaplains at the steel plant while awaiting help from international organizations and Turkey.

Formed in 2014, the controversial Azov Battalion, considered by some to be a neo-Nazi militia and a hero by others, is at the center of a propaganda war between Ukraine and Russia, which saw the “disclaimer” of the former Soviet republic as the objective. was implemented in Its intervention army in that country.

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