A Romanian player’s Instagram could give Spain back its options for going to the Rugby World Cup


New Zealand-born Jason Tomane played four matches with Romania in the qualifying stage for the Rugby World Cup. According to his wife’s RRSS, earlier he was out of the country for more than 60 days, thus violating the rules for nationalized players. The case is similar to that of Van den Berg, for which Spain was sanctioned.

Jason Tomane in his official debut with Ruman
Jason Tomen in his official debut with RomaniaGetty Images

Spain could regain their place in next year’s Rugby World Cup for exactly the reason they lost it. The position of player Gavin Van den Berg, which led to his acceptance of the national team because he violated the residency rules, also happened to a player of the Romanian national team, precisely the federation that promoted the complaint against Spain.

According to the documentation that EL MUNDO had access to, Jason TomaneA Romanian player of New Zealand origin broke that regulation, the famous ‘Rule 8’, in the qualifying stage for the World Cup, so now Spain can condemn it And try to get back your place. The story is like this.

On 28 April, the Spanish rugby team was sanctioned without playing the 2023 World Cup because one of the internationals participating in the qualifying matches, Gavin Van den Burgh, did not meet the old residency conditions required by World Rugby. . These rules established that, in order to achieve ‘eligible’ status by residency, the player must have spent the previous three years in Spain uninterrupted, and can only be absent for a maximum of 60 days (holidays) per year. e.t.c)..).

In the case of van den Berg, and after a complaint from Romania, World Rugby considered it proven, thanks to some posts on Instagram, that in one of those three years, he had been outside our borders for more than two months. Was on leave, so that he cleared Spain without points for the matches in which he participated.

Well, the case of New Zealand-born Romanian player Jason Tomen is similar according to his social network. Tomane made his debut in a friendly match with the Romanian national team. Uruguay On June 11, 2021. After this test, the Romanian coach used the player in an official match against that player for the first time in November of that year. Netherlands, Already in 2022, take part in matches against Spain, Portugal You GeorgiaBeing the only match played in Madrid in which he did not play full minutes.

Two years before his first meeting with Rumana, events occurred that cast doubt on his qualifications. on 7th August 2019player posts a photographer on instagram whose place matches the city zagged (Hungary), border city with Romania. In it, he poses with his wife, both dressed in summer clothes and in possession of a suitcase that is still sealed with labels typical of international airports.

Image from the player's Instagram account on August 7, 2019
Image from the player’s Instagram account on August 7, 2019

After this first publication, as of February 2022, his wife shared a snapshot on his social network that would attest to the presence of a player of New Zealand origin outside Romanian borders for longer than is allowed by international rules. “Szégéz Synagogue, Hungary 2021, the second largest in Hungary, the fourth largest in the world. I can’t believe we stayed here three months in 2019“, says the text accompanying the picture on his wife’s Instagram account.

Image from Tomane's wife's Instagram account in which she testifies that she was away for 3 months
Image from Tomane’s wife’s Instagram account in which she testifies that she was away for 3 months

The player spent, as revealed by his wife on Instagram 90 days outside Romania During one of the three years before 2021, so the situation is the same as it was with Gavin van den Berg. One defense would be: that an extremely serious situation arises that requires the athlete to travel out of the country. Of all the documents consulted by EL MUNDO, there is not a single document that points to the cause.

Spain’s options are now passed as World Rugby operates as in the Van den Berg case. The Romanian Rugby Federation submitted allegations of irregularities by Spain after the deadline. However, his request was granted, arguing that Rumana was unaware of the situation until it was leaked to a Russian medium. In other words, it is believed that the statute of limitations for irregularities committed by Spain began to operate when Rumana became aware of the facts, not from the moment they occurred. now, La federación espaola can use the same logic. To hear your request.

In the event that World Rugby decides to address the cause of Spain and remove the points relating to Romania, this sanction Spain will not qualify for the World Cup, If the Romanian loses the points corresponding to four games, it will be Portugal who will go straight to France 2023 and Santi Santos’ team will go to the playoffs. In order to receive a direct ticket, the Spanish Federation requires World Rugby to validate an appeal filed in the context of improper alignment of Gavin van den Berg, who is taking his course elsewhere.

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