A Senegalese recovered over a million euros in Basque social aid in 10 years with 50 false passports


The National Police took advantage of a crack in the Basque Employment Service to detain a migrant who came to earn 10,000 euros a month

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Lehendkari Igo Urkullu during a visit to one of the new Lanbide offices in the Salburua neighborhood of Vitoria.Paulino OribeArab Press
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A Senegalese citizen in his forties has illegally collected 1,097,000 euros in social aid Basque government, credit to the national police Feather a fraud that has been going on for the past decade, using half a hundred false identities to understand both income guarantee rent (RGI) as Supplemental Housing Benefit (PCV).

cash foreign brigade The National Police took ON into custody after a police investigation that began last March. National Police agents verified that ON traveled frequently Senegal and used different identities to collect social support professionalThe Basque Employment Service, Several ON colleagues who pretended to be ON in front of Basque employment offices have also been arrested.

To be registered at residence in sublet room and to complete previous years of required residence through false registration certificate. Then open an account with a bank and visit LANBIDE offices to place a request for RGI and PCV.

According to investigative sources, ON received up to 10,000 euros monthly by receiving aid, the current amount of which is 1002 euros for an individual (727 euros from RGI and 275 euros from PCV).

To receive these social benefits, a Senegalese citizen, now on provisional release, is registered in the various cities of vizcaya as Bilbao, Durango, getxo, Guernica hey ureta, Registration that is done at the Basque town hall with a simple declaration and the consent of the owner or tenant, some of whom are accused of cooperation.

Passports presented to institutions and banking institutions correspond to citizens Senegal, Congo, The Gambia, Gardner You Ghana, In addition, for sublease of rooms in apartments rented by himself, by associates and by other citizens, the alleged fraudsters registered in the LANBID contract, to collect a housing rental profit of 250 Euro per month (currently 275) who were unaware of his activity. Criminal.

In addition, agents of the Foreigner’s Brigade have contributed abundant documentation to the judicial summary on the absence of an effective control mechanism in Lanbide. Basque employment service, which from 2020 depends on Sub-Landkari idoia mendia In 2020 it was recognized that it had paid a total of 10.4 million euros more to the recipients of the Income Guarantee proceeds. Of these ‘improper collections’, Lanbide assured that it recovered 8.6 million, so the verified loss of public resources in that exercise was 1.8 million. In 2021, without data on the amount, I know that about 10,000 recipients who have received money in excess of their share have neither returned it nor responded to the Basque government’s request to do so.

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