A sexual predator arrested for abusing 26 minors aged 8 to 12, with whom he had contact through video game platforms


This man gave them virtual gifts in exchange for making video calls in which he persuaded them to show their sex organs. It contains over 2,000 files of pedophile material.

A sex predator arrested for abusing 26 children aged 8 to 12

The Civil Guard has arrested a 42-year-old pedophile in the province of Málaga who had contact with minors through the famous online game. He is charged with the offenses of sexual abuse and the recruitment of at least 26 minors For the production of child pornography.

The Fontaine operation began last July, following a complaint from the parents of less than 9In which he reported suspicion that his son was in contact with an adult with a game console through a well-known online game.

The agents of the Department against Cyber ​​Crime of the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard once confirmed the facts giving rise to the complaint, considering the possibility that it was not a unique case and affected many more, This investigation was given immediate priority. minor, as in the case of such offence, and more so in the case of minors of such a young age.

During the entire investigation it was found that Alleged pedophile contacted minors through well-known online gamesThese games have recorded over 3,000 accesses over a two-year period.

During this time, the prisoner was forming long friendships with his potential victims, always through deception and abuse of superiority, paying them virtual gifts available on the game platform; Uphaar who accompanied him by the captives requested to make video calls with the minors, so that they could show him their private parts and other similar works.

Thus it has been proved by the agents that the detainee was capable of committing sexual abuse with 26 minors, All of them are between 8 and 12 years old And residents of different parts of the national territory, there is no denying that more victims have been detected.

Over 2000 files containing material of a sexual nature with minors

Analyzing the material confiscated from the detainee, it has been confirmed that he accumulated over 2000 files of child pornography, both on his mobile devices and in the cloud, in the same way received 81 payments to game user accounts belonging to minors to be confirmed. ,

Once they agreed to pose naked for the camera, the detainees captured the screen of their mobile device, storing sexual images of the minors.

The parents of the minors so far identified were astonished before being informed by the Civil Guard about the incidents when they identified their children in the photographs which were shown to them, many of them assured that their Children should never play without supervision. of adults.

Investigators have also been able to determine that this pedophile not only met his needs through an online gaming platform, but also found himself as a sports coach, camp teacher and English teacher, among other activities related to minors. submitted, in which there was no record of involvement. in that sense. However, agents are able to verify the existence of a case of physical sexual abuse of a minor, whom he found and deceived on a nudist beach, given the material regularly provided by the captive to him. intervened.

Tips for Minors to Access the Internet

The Internet, and online games in particular, have become best ally of sexual predators of minors, who take advantage of the anonymity provided by the network to gain their trust and attempt to abuse them. The Civil Guard remembers the following basic advice:

– Parents should control their minor children’s access to the Internet, regardless of the device they use, and even more so, in online games, if it is not with an adult.

– exist parental control program Which can be installed on various devices, thus being able to gain knowledge of the content accessed and accessed by our children.

– talk regularly and naturally with minors about their Internet browsing, what they see and seek to obtain information about counseling, to ascertain possible reluctance on their part Let’s solve any doubts that our adults, minors also like to teach their guardian.

-In connection with events or situations of this nature through reporting and communication with the Civil Guard, the citizen has the following email accounts: delitostelematicos@guardiacivil.com You pornografiainfantil@guardiacivil.org

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