A Spanish and a French climber died in an ice slide in Switzerland


The other nine climbers were taken to two Swiss hospitals. Two of them are seriously injured.

The location of the Grand Combination where the accident took place.
The location of the Grand Combination where the accident took place.AFP

two climbers, One French and one Spanish were killed and nine wounded. Due to the detachment of a large block of ice in southwestern Switzerland this Friday, police said.

A group of 17 climbers climbed the Grand Combin at an altitude of 3,400 meters in an area known as the “Lunch Plateau” when they were shocked by the block’s collapse,

“Two people died at the accident site. They are a 40-year-old French citizen living in France and a A 65-year-old Spaniard living in Spain“, said the police.

Officials indicated that the nine climbers were transferred by helicopters to two Swiss hospitals and Two of them seriously injured,

intervened in relief work Seven helicopters and about 40 rescuers,

Police called for extreme caution.

grand combine It is a massif whose highest peak reaches 4,314 m.

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