A spider from Mars named Tilda Swinton


British actress stars in ‘Memoria’, by Epichatpong Weerasethkul, a classic Martian in which she chases Sonic in the Colombian jungle

Tilda Swinton, in 'Memory'.
Tilda Swinton, in ‘Memory’.
  • Cannes 2021 With Epichatpong and Tilda

For a time it was said that Tilda Swinton might get a chance to star in biopic of your great friend David Bowie, It would have been perfect, just as Cate Blanchett was Bob Dylan, the best of those proposed by Todd Haynes i’m not there (2007). The idea didn’t catch on, but nothing happens, because Ms Bowie Is That Nanka In CommemorationThe compelling new film from the Thai genius that won the Palme d’Or Cannes Thief Uncle Boonami remembers his past lives (2010).

Swinton is MS Bowie who is Nanka, Meaning of Mars del bowie day the man who fell to the ground (Nicholas Roeg, 1976), not because he begins to sing. What he does is visit a sound studio in Bogota, which is Commemoration, The film thus joins a series of films, influence (Brian De Palma, 1981) until recently three (Juanzo Giménez, 2021), Get the Full Meaning around a mixer, For Swinton, however, this is the first stop on a journey that will take her to the heart of the Colombian wilderness.

The jungle is a favorite home for Thai people, who have never made a film outside their home country, even with a Western star like Swinton. A magical forest where there are always surprisesstrange appearance of the expected and nocturnal tiger tropical disease (2004), or the red-eyed creature who appears to be out star wars to appear in uncle boonami,

If in the previous length of Veerasethkul, cemetery of glory (2015), a group of narcoleptic soldiers They slept an eternal siesta in a field hospital, buried under their beds in dreams associated with castle legends, Commemoration One begins with Tilda Swinton nearly falling off the bed, a . shakes off big rumbleWho has thrown her out of the dream, shaking her from the depths of her past life.

obsessed with the mystical nature of sound, which sounds a big ball of cement Hitting the metal walls of the water tank, he won’t be able to catch up even in his sleep Tomb-Elephant Diazepam 5 mg, Hence that tour of the studio, where a diligent technician will try to embody the origins of his efforts, based on some gestures rendered in predictable Spanish with a strangely British accent.

For those of us who follow Veersethkul from the indecent mysterious object in the afternoon (2000), it also so happened that as he was translated for us, as if his poetry, contained in an exotic and unknown folktale, we now have Madrigalesque passing through the sieve of magical realism that Disney also identifies with Colombia. But it hasn’t lost the slightest of its charm. On the contrary, this is his most sly and outspoken film, perfect for beginners.

Epichatpong Weerasethkul, who until a few days ago exhibited his installations, videos and photographs at La Fabra i Ctes in Barcelona. periphery at night, then between sleep and wake), and Tilda Swinton, who slept her nap locked in a window at MoMA in New York (2013 directed by Cornelia Parker), they were cursed to meet, slow lie white queen He can kick her out of her universe, and push her to roll over to the other side of the world, though always in the tropics and wilderness. The film is one of the happiest encounters, a true dream, a sensory journey that, as it is often said in these cases, should be enjoyed on the biggest screen and with the best sounds. Otherwise this film wouldn’t even happen.

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