A study warns of high concentrations of the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A in many Europeans


The European Initiative for Human Biomonitoring has analyzed over 200 substances, 37 of which are thought to be hormonal disruptors.

Bisphenol A can be found in some cans of food and soft drinks.
Bisphenol A can be found in some cans of food and soft drinks.EM

The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (HBM4EU), in which the European Commission, the European Environment Agency and institutions from 28 countries participate, has advanced some data on European populations’ exposure levels to bisphenol A, which is known to be a disruptive endocrine disruptor present in food. Is. packaging such as shielded and soft drink cans, Be warned that many Europeans have high concentrations of this chemical in their bodies.,

In addition, 50 percent of those analyzed will also have the presence of other bisphenols, which are increasingly used to replace BPA, such as BPA and BPF (sometimes in higher concentrations). In this sense, the director of Hogar Sin Zikos, Carlos de Prada, has considered “disturbing” that, as stated in the above European initiative, “all European samples taken” exceeds the concentration that is now recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (European Food Safety Authority). EFSA). As recommended, after last December it set the acceptable daily intake (ADI) at 0.04 nanograms per kg body weight, significantly lower than previously established (2015) and marked as 4 micrograms.

Similarly, the initiative Home Without Toxins, which 10 years ago prepared a report-proposal in which it urged authorities to ban all materials that come in contact with food, lamented that despite the passage of years, As further data from HBM4EU now show, the European population remains at increased risk of persistent exposure to relevant levels of BPA.

“All this, while years and years have passed in which only very limited measures have been taken to minimize exposure to the substance, such as when In 2011 it was only banned in infant bottles in the European Union, while still allowing for population-wide exposure, eg pregnant women.Through the presence of the substance in many packaged foods.” Bisphenol A, among others, has neurodevelopmental effects, low birth weight, immune development effects, infertility, obesity and metabolic disease, risk associated with hormone-related cancers or heart disease Has happened.” said.

European biomonitoring data continues to show that BPA levels are higher than in some substances, such as: Bisphenol S (BPS) and Bisphenol F (BPF) have been used to replace it., It is also worrying that concentrations of these latter substances are increasing, as they may have some of the same effects as bisphenol A. The HBM4EU document, for example, cites a concern arising from the interaction of thermal with substitutes for cashier’s paper ticket thermals. bps.

“The obtained data show something worrying, as the scientific community warns that, like other endocrine disruptors, these pollutants can have negative health effects at very low concentrations. Furthermore, There are substances for which a concentration level that can be definitively called safe cannot be clearly established.De Prada insisted.

In view of the data shown by the European Initiative, they have requested that the Roadmap for the Restriction of Multiple Toxins be followed recently published by the European Commission and which includes, among other things, a combined ban or prohibition of various bisphenols. to be done.

In the case of Spain, as EL Mundo reported, the recently approved waste law already establishes a clear ban on the use of this substance in the manufacture of containers in contact with food and beverages from 2023.

The European Initiative analyzed a large group of more than 200 substances, of which it was observed that at least 37 may have hormone-disrupting properties, which is why they can cause adverse effects at very low concentrations. Huh. The best known of these substances is bisphenol A, but various studies have found that some of the bisphenols that have been used to replace it can be equally harmful to health.

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