A Valencian minor hospitalized for strangulation after viral challenge in schoolyard


Consentingly a colleague grabbed her by the throat from behind and left her unconscious, as they saw on social networks

Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia.
Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia.EM

A 13-year-old minor has been hospitalized after being strangled by a schoolmate following a challenge that went viral on Tik Tok. The events took place during the holiday at an educational center in the Valencian neighborhood patricks,

as per advance rise-emv, the students were in the courtyard when one fainted, fell and beheaded him. This happened after his friend, with his consent, placed a jiu-jitsu lock on him which is known as ‘matalene‘ or ‘death game’ which involves holding him from behind, wrapping his arms around his neck until he is deprived of oxygen. As the students told the teachers, this was a challenge they saw on social networks.

The minor was shifted by ambulance to Doctor Peset Hospital, where he is recovering after losing consciousness.

The teaching staff warned all the students of the center about the danger of these practices and also sent a circular to the parents in the same sense.

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