A vet in Madrid arrested for killing hundreds of dogs and cats to sell their blood


In operation, 240 captive Greyhounds have been released on the Humanes de Madrid farm

A Madrid veterinarian killed hundreds of dogs and cats to sell their bloodWorld
  • planning Two arrested for dog death and abuse at an illegal dog residence in El Lamo

The Civil Guard has arrested Luis Miguel VF, a businessman who sacrificed dogs and cats to sell his blood to veterinary clinics and hospitals on the Humanes Farm. 240 animals have been released in the operation. mainly greyhounds, rabbits and cats who were in dire conditions, In addition, another person of Moroccan nationality, who was in charge of the facilities, has been arrested.

The arrested businessman received the animals delivered by owners who did not want to continue caring for them and patrons who handed over their charge. Luis Miguel appeared as the sole administrator of the company SL Veterinary Transfusion Center and as President of the Animal Hematology and Homeopathy Association, in charge of certifying associates’ hematology laboratories and blood banks.

According to investigators, they lacked any form of titration and were unable to obtain large amounts of fluid. Animals were punctured directly on the left ventricle of the heartCause of death from hypovolemic shock.

The environmental prosecutor’s office of Mustoles-Fuenlabrada has filed a complaint against the businessman for “painful and cruel” practices against animals.

The corpses were frozen and later cremated at a crematorium in Yuncos (Toledo), where, between the months of April and May 2022, the prosecutor’s office has counted 60 bodies that died as a result of blood draw. There were 27 dogs, 29 cats, three rabbits and one ferret.

In the Humanes Estate, agents of the Arroyomolinos Civil Guard Post found the laboratory in which the extraction was carried outWhere several bags of plasma ready for distribution were seized.

According to the public ministry, these practices were mainly aimed at selling blood to veterinary clinics in the community of Madrid, at a price of 80 euros for 400 ml in the case of dogs, and 85 euros for 40 ml if it was blood. Cat’s blood.

As demand grew, the prosecutor’s office highlighted, It came to offer its chemotherapy services throughout Spain and other European countries such as Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal.

During the course of the investigation, it was confirmed that the defendant appeared to be the sole administrator of a commercial veterinary transfusion center that was inaugurated in 2006 with the purpose of producing red blood cells and plasma concentrates that until then had only been in the blood bank. could have been made, but the possibility of doing it with whole blood and under the patronage of the Madrid community is limited.

The businessman also promoted the center on a website and presented himself as a benchmark in the marketing of animal blood, though The said company has no registration, authorization or license in its name, so for years it carried out its activity “in the most complete secrecy”.

a universal donor breed

To obtain animal blood and then bring it to market, the defendant had facilities in Humane where he had several animals. Above all, they had young Greyhounds, being a universal donor breed, which they repeatedly presented By using prohibited methods. This type of practice caused the animal, as stated in the complaint, “unnecessary pain and suffering”, because in practice it meant enforcing euthanasia “without any reason devised in the present law”.

The prosecutor’s office says that between the months of April and May 2022, it counted 60 animals, which, after autopsies and expert examinations, concluded that His death was not caused by a natural biological disease process, “But because of being ostracized.”

Regarding euthanasia drugs, the prosecutor’s office warns that they can only be distributed to pharmacies and livestock groups previously authorized and supervised by the pharmacies that supply them, and purchased by the veterinarians requesting it. goes.

In addition, remember that veterinary medicine is a regulated profession and to be practiced, it is necessary to have an official degree or bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine, an academic accreditation that was not in the possession of the respondent, and to belong to the relevant professional association. For.

Finally, he emphasizes that the potential for animal euthanasia, animal identification and rabies vaccination are veterinary reserves,”Only veterinarians are able to accomplish this.”

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