A weeklong camp in Wanda to see Alejandro Sanz in concert: “In our homes they think we’re like goats”


Dozens of fans of the Madrid singer line up in shift to enter the stadium earlier this Saturday

Alejandro Sanz fans in Wanda., navarete
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Some, since Saturday, sleep outside. No ceiling or wall. They take refuge in a tent at the entrance of the Wanda Metropolitano at night. They are fans of Alejandro Sanz, who have scores of unconditional followers. Joe has been camping for days to see him as close as possible to tonight’s concert.

The tour begins. Marta, 43, has been hanging out with other friends since last week. She has been following him since the age of 15. She has lost count of the concerts she has attended: “I’ve toured all over Spain”, As he speaks, rehearsals can be heard inside the stadium. sound my frienda song of M / sBest selling Spanish album in history.

The 36-year-old hails from Zaragoza. She oozes passion when he talks about her. She has been a fan of Alejandro Sanz since childhood, when her mother was also faction And there, she noticed that she was stunned when she saw the singer on television and recorded a concert for her: “He’s been with me all my life. In my house he thought he’d pass me, but he’s moved on. Alejandro for me is the illusion, the trick is great. He’s a work of art. The one who Whatever he does, he’s great”,

Starting Tuesday afternoon, Isabelle, 41, of Fuenlabrada and four other friends take turns to make a place for themselves in the front row today at the start of the show. He was 10 years old when he started liking Sanz’s music. “Alejandro is the soundtrack to my life, his album 3 It’s my choice. I caught myself in that time of madness, of first infatuation.”, Identify. “My hair stands on end,” her friend Pilar interrupts as she listens. Isabel has just left work and now it’s her turn. These days she has left her husband and girls alone: ​​”In our house they think we are like goats”He says with a laugh.

“They’ve already figured it out, it’s been like that for many years,” says Pilar, also 41, without hesitation, admitting She accompanied her husband on a honeymoon trip to Tenerife in 2001 to see the end of the tour soul to air, In 1994, at the age of 14, he went to Tauronga Street in Arturo Soria, and stopped at the door of Alejandro Sanz’s house to wait for him to come out: “His mother was out, his father was out, his brother was out. , she and I had the opportunity to come in, were invited for a breakfast. That day I called my mother to ask her to come later because she was at Alejandro’s house. She couldn’t believe it. “

“Last week we were with her again, we are lucky to see her a lot, and nothing has changed, she is very human, close, affectionate,” says Pilar, who declined to say that. How to access the artist directly: “The Investigative Team,” she gapes between laughs. They eat potato omelets, cherry tomato salad, snacks and lots of ice water, Whenever a friend comes to Riley, he brings more bags of cubes.

They do not mind the heat, nor do they have to spend so many days until the desired moment comes. His wait was not noticed by the Madrid artist, who addressed him on Twitter on 1 June: “To those who have been standing in line for this Saturday’s concert in Wanda since last Saturday. I eat my soul. Nothing can pay for it. I give my life”,

One of his fan club, Sanzeras of AlbasIt is represented between the tents, They come from all over Spain. Do not dare to choose a favorite song: After 30 years there are many, comment. and remember heart power, I bring you… 20 years, my friendamong other subjects.

Expressions are visible on their faces, they do not want luck, but want to see them again. it sounds in the background my favorite person, Alejandro is also waiting for them.

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