A woman arrested for stealing from rooms in Gran Va hotels


Gran va Pirmana arrested for setting fire to hotel robbery

The National Police has arrested a 43-year-old woman of Spanish nationality as the alleged perpetrator of two fires at two hotels in Madrid’s Gran Via, in which, Once the rooms have been abandoned by their guests, stealAccording to Madrid Police Headquarters.

The arrest led to at least two fires, several towels and sheets sprayed with a flammable liquid that were in the aisles From Emperor and Beloved Hotels.

The incidents occurred in late April, when the first fire was reported at a hotel in Gran Vía, where a towel cart burned down. Five days later, a similar fire broke out in a nearby hotel, in which towels and sheets were also burnt.

Agents learned that both facts cannot be accidental and related both incidents, verifying that the same flammable liquid was used in both.

After several inquiries, this 43-year-old woman was identified as the alleged author of two fires and it was revealed that He left in disguise in the corridors of the hotel just before the fire broke out.

Woman set fire to cleaning stalls The confusion among the guests waited for the alarm to sound And he easily broke in to rob the rooms, as the doors were left open as an emergency system in the fire.

In the end, agents arrested him on Thursday of last week for allegedly being responsible for two offenses of arson and two other offenses of theft, which were pending judicial disposal. Woman adds more than 50 records of robbery And for the same fact was already arrested in 2006.

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