Abascal accuses Sanchez of “criminalizing” testosterone, a hormone that produces “pleasant experiences”.


Thus respond to the words of Nadia Calvio, who blamed Vox for proposing to “distribute weapons to civilians” on the day of the Texas children’s massacre.

Santiago Abascal, in Congress this Thursday.
Santiago Abascal, in Congress this Thursday.ferdinand alvaradoEFE
  • Congress Calvio accused PP of being “disastrous” and of wanting Vox to “distribute weapons among civilians”.

The debate over testosterone has ended in plenary session Congress The government over political espionage with a scuffle between President Pedro Sánchez and Vox’s leader, Santiago Abascal, the latter criticized the chief executive for “criminalizing hormones” creating a “pleasant experience”.

Vox’s leader, Santiago Abascal, stars in one of the most surreal moments in the plenary, debating political espionage through Tool. Pegasus “What kind of stroke does she have with testosterone?

“This is the second time that he told me I made a show of testosterone,” Abascal told the prime minister in his reply, with whom he has said that they annoy each other, though At times, Sanchez evokes “tenderness,” which has caused the chief executive’s laughter.

To the laughter and applause of his bench mates, he has accused Sanchez of “criminalizing a hormone” and has assured him that he has had “very pleasant experiences” with testosterone.

“Let me assure you that it diminishes with age,” said the president of Vox, who has asked Sanchez to say whether to stand for re-election.

However, he concludes that he is conscious that he will not do so and, continuing with the joke, has specified that he does not believe it is due to a “testosterone problem”, with which he once again applauded. The rest of their group’s representatives have won.

Abascal and Espinosa de los Monteros PSOE spokesperson, H.  listen to
Abascal and Espinosa de los Monteros listen to PSOE spokesman, Hector Guamez.ferdinand alvaradoEFE

“This is a social and exemplary government, ma’am, and, indeed, we are going to continue for a few more years and, undoubtedly, it will be the success of Spain and the great failure of you,” Sanchez limited himself to answer. Is.

They haven’t done so with Abascal’s statement that the party that drew arms in the chamber has been socialist. indalecio preto,

Thus the leader of Vox responded to yesterday’s accusations by the first vice president, Nadia Calvio, “What can be expected from a political formation, on the day we are weeping in despair over a horrific massacre of children in the United States, Proposal to distribute arms to civilians?

And, after pointing out that the Socialists “have a long tongue and very thin skin”, he advised them to “avoid arguing so far in which they could end badly”.

In today’s debate, the words of Juan García-Gallardo, Vice President of Castilla y León, to a disabled PSOE prosecutor, and to whom he said he would respond “as if he were a person like all others”.

It has been ERC spokesman Gabriel Ruffin, who has pointed to that statement by Vox’s regional leader.

“Speaking of ordinary people, you have businessmen who don’t pay their workers, architects who sign licenses without permission and state attorneys who don’t know how to register and a leader who goes from GEO And the military doesn’t either, are unusual what you said Ruffin.

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