Abascal demands clarity from PP on the Spanish model in the face of his statements on “multinationalism”


He points out that today his party will get the same number of seats (26) as Moreno when he becomes president of the Andalusian government.

Vox President, Santiago Abascal.
Vox President, Santiago Abascal.Bernardo DAZ
  • interview Ellas Bandado: “Catalonia is a state nationality, like any other autonomous community”
  • PP Feijo corrects Bandado: “Spain is not a multinational state, that’s clear”

Vox asks Alberto Nez Feijo’s PP for “clarity” about the state model they seek Spain because he believes that popular He does not have a clear idea of ​​the nation and has “many doubts”, as Santiago Abascal condemned during an interview. Federico Jiménez Losantos and esradio.

“The other day we heard Mr. Alas Bandado say that Spain is a multinational state. But of course they hear Feijo speaking, I think wrong but with a certain finesse, in Catalonia of nationalities” and then in ” Andaluca They talk of Spain being a multinational state.” “They have to clarify,” asked Abascal, who made it clear that any agreement in Andalusia with the PP would be the same. Castile and Leon: The program and the government, in a way like Ayuso’s, are rejected madrid,

Vox’s president assured that his formation, today, would receive the same seats with which PP candidate Juan Manuel Moreno managed to win. chair of the board, He confirms that his party is on an upward trajectory while PP collapses.

“We are facing elections in Andalusia in which we are given data which means getting the same number of deputies that Juanma Moreno received in the previous elections, which has allowed him to rule,” he says.

And he accused the PP of “laughing at voters when they were told they had to vote well and would repeat the election if they didn’t.” He declared that the situation with Ayuso in Madrid is “over. There will be no difference with Castilla y León”, referring to an agreed schedule and Vox’s entry into the government.

He defended Macarena Olona’s candidacy as “the best”, in reference to the chairman of the board and the candidate of the PP, “and that is why they have gone against him, some by action and others with collusive silence”.

Abascal condemned the violation of the agreements signed with PP and pointed to its key points for achieving progress in future agreements. Vox leader Key admits “that board of andalusia Stop contributing to the bridge effect”. He defends an agreement with PP to take action against immigrants who are irregularly in Andalusia.

In addition, he insists on “cutting political spending, which is clearly insufficient.” He denounced “fiscal looting and increased public employment in the heat of the regional model”.

He insisted that one of his demands would once again be to “repeale all leftist laws in terms of both gender and historical memory. We are not in favor of imposing any form of memory.”

As far as national politics is concerned, Abascal insisted that, although there are significant differences with the PP, “the priority is to launch Pedro Sanchez of the government”. And he put some doubts on the table to be the President of the government’s candidate again for the general elections, if he doubted that he might lose.

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