Abascal re-establishes Vox in Andalusia with highly ideological campaign with uncertain outcome

“Homeland, land, family, freedom and security.” That is the cry that Macarena Olona, ​​the Vox candidate for the board, launched this Wednesday at a rally held in Lucena (Cradoba). “Don’t resign yourself, don’t compromise,” he also asked her in a speech that had no shortage of direct hints. for immigrantsespecially unaccompanied foreign minors, menasOf which he criticized giving them a “preferential right” of housing “while leaving your children and grandchildren.”

Lucena became the climax of the rally more radical theory of Vox, with a very ideological message and without specific proposals or a particularly Andalusian guide.

But the Lucena Rally was no exception, quite the opposite. Vox’s election campaign in Andalusia comes after conceptual modelWithout a program beyond the usual places of training discourse and monopolized by national leaders, the first of them is Santiago Abascal himself, ubiquitous in the Vox electoral caravan, whose leading role is superior to that of the aspiring candidate himself. The presidency of the Junta de Andaluca.

As Abascal was in Lucena on Wednesday, he shared a poster in Algeciras (Cdiz) this Thursday and also in El Ejido (Almera) on Tuesday. Vox’s national leader has assumed biggest weight The campaign has multiplied its presence in the community, especially since the first debate was televised, in which Olona did not turn out very well.

That debate was, in fact, a turn for the vowel. To such an extent that the candidate’s agenda first fell vacant in the following days, and since then Abascal has not left him alone in any task. In addition, they have been attended, simultaneously or in parallel, by prominent national leaders, such as Ivan Espinosa, Jorge Buxed or Javier Ortega-Smith, all from Abascal’s hard core,

Meanwhile, those, until elections were called, were references to Vox in Andalusia. its limits And they are practically missing from the campaign starting with the Parliamentary Speaker, Manuel GaviraDespite the fact that he heads his party list in the province of Cediz.

To understand this, it suffices to compare the tone of this campaign with the one that Gavira himself has maintained, and those who have walked up to this autonomous legislature in three and a half years. The tone seen in the Andalusian parliament at this time has not shed its ideological burden, but has retained a communication currency Which, for example, allowed the approval of three budgets, among other agreements with the government partners of the PP and Ciudadanos, and, contrary to what is heard now, it left a gap for purely Andalusian issues Is.

So, the campaign designed and done by Abascal is something like modification of the whole The role played by Vox leaders in the region and the party has been completely reset.

In the three and a half years since the regional legislature has run, Vox has three spokesmen Hospital de las Cinco in Lagasse, the seat of the Andalusian Parliament. The first was the candidate with whom the party ran in the 2018 elections, Judge Francis SerranoThose were soon fired and, later, after many controversies both in the party and outside parliament due to his statements about the La Manada case or allegations of subsidy fraud at the pellet manufacturing company he owned.

Serrano was replaced by Cordoban’s deputy. Alexander HernandezWhich didn’t last long. In May last year, Abascal decided to bet on Manuel Gavira to try to score own profile Before the elections that were already in sight. Gavira was talked about as one of the options to lead the candidacy for the board, but ultimately chose Macarena Olona, ​​the team member closest to Abascal and the expanding national leadership, to take the reins of the party. went. in Andalusia.

The discourse and message have changed since this last relay.

Avoid contact with Olona

As far as communication is concerned, Vox has entrenched itself in the campaign and almost broke all bridges with the main media. avoid exposición d’olona The circumstances in which the message cannot be controlled have been the maxim of the campaign team led by Jacobo Robato and lvaro Zancazo.

In the two weeks of the campaign, candidate interviews have been counted and always to the same media, and the videos and audios that their partners have distributed are always carefully edited,

staging is always planned, so much so that they made public videos that were a montage, Just as dissatisfied with the party starring an alleged PP extremist, Vox, incidentally, met with Olona in a street market in Dos Hermanas (Seville) and broke his card in front of the candidate. as a public from Spainthat was the transformation a performance And the alleged key ally of PP had been collaborating with Vox since 2019 and is, in fact, a terrorist.

It remains to be seen whether this radical turn gives Vox in the elections next Sunday. Surveys released in recent weeks show that Effectiveness This strategy, at least, is uncertain.

really, Election as CIS certifies prick of effect olona In Vox’s election hopes, which would have barely extended him, when Abascal hoped he would shoot with his candidate.

Last Monday’s flash poll pointed to Vox losing 29.4% of voters compared to the 2018 election, though adding votes from the PP and perhaps improving its final result.

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