Abascal warns Juanma Moreno that Woakes doesn’t deserve his “red lines”


“If you want to blackmail Vox, he will have to repeat the election,” he warned at his first Andalusian pre-campaign rally with Macarena Olona in Málaga.

Javier Ortega Smith, Macarena Olona and Santiago Abascal, this Friday at M.  In
Javier Ortega Smith, Macarena Olona and Santiago Abascal, this Friday in Malaga.lex xiaEuropa Press
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With the safety of those who are convinced they are a winning option, they arrive at a crowded square next to lamppost in malaga Escorted by Vox’s president, Santiago Abascal, the formation’s secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith, and the Andalusian government’s presidential candidate, Macarena Olona.

They entered the square on foot, cheering members and supporters chanting “Chairman” and “Chairman” – and amid a sea of ​​Spanish flags, pennants and balloons with party colors, they smiled on the stage. moved towards. And so, with British punctuality, this Friday, exactly five minutes after nine, the presentation ceremony of Vox candidates for the election began. Andalusian government, “Where it all began”, Olona indicated during her intervention.

Abascal addressed Juanma Moreno’s PP in his speech, which he accused of “fearing”, not fulfilling his commitments with Vox, and not allowing the promised changes to socialist policies. In this sense, he warned the popular that if Vox had a substantial majority “all the bullshit will last us 15 minutes” and other people’s references to leftist laws, gender laws or immigration laws would be repealed.

“What happened in Andalusia four years ago was possible for Vox,” he indicated, but “the desired change remained in the borage waters, it was a minimal change, and Andaluca Continuing with the same legacy of forty years of socialist government”, which he blamed directly on the Popular Party.

Vox was seeing then—and is now looking for—”a real change that some people don’t want to see”—and again cited Juanma Moreno and a “new era of understanding” for which the leader boards of the Andalusian PP and current The president of the U.S. has raised bets in recent days, according to Abascal.

“Now they have decided to agree with the Socialist Party, despite the fact that the Socialists constantly despise and insult them,” Abascal said, noting that the list with the most votes should vote, but “we Should have asked Mr Moreno beforehand. legumes What if the list with the most votes is Vox, if they let Vox rule or ally themselves with the Socialist Party?

Abascal assured that he would go into the campaign demanding the PP “every day” what his intentions are if he wins the election, if he agrees with his party or the Socialists to “prevent real change”. He is going. In this regard, he expressed regret that the popular candidate has threatened that “if you do not vote well, the election will be repeated like a cynical child who says the ball is his” and assured that “If he wants to blackmail Vox” he’ll have to repeat the election.

He also mentioned all three “red lines” Moreno has flagged laws that support “the criminalization of men and the inequality between men and women”; “Climate suicide” which – in his opinion – “continues to erroneously err with the climate law that prevents Spaniards from discovering their resources and being dependent on other nations and which makes us poor”; and respect for the law.

In this regard, he has indicated that Vox “is not disdain with legitimacy because we don’t like a great deal of legitimacy, but we abide by it because we are Democrats.” At this point, he has said that it should be the PP that gives the explanation, for example, “endorsing the alarm of unconstitutional states socialist Party,

Abascal’s speech in Málaga this Friday has also been immigration and recalled the “invasion of Ceuta”, referring to last year’s 10,000 illegal immigrants jumping over the fence. He rebuked the PP for supporting their reception, saying that “we are here to serve the interests of the Spaniards and the Andalusian people and we stand for election in Spain, not Morocco.”

He has also blamed the PP for adopting part of the discourse and terminology of “coup separatism”, “not being clear about the concept of one nation because you don’t know who the citizens are and you give someone a health card”. .

Macarena Olona was introduced ortega smith It came out with the slogan “President, President” as “Salobria of the Year” and declared by the Secretary General of Vox as “Future President of the Junta de Andaluca”. With emotion on his face, the Vox candidate thanked everyone who “offered him their home for registration” and insisted that “the reconstruction of Spain in Andalusia really began.”

The Vox candidate was convinced that “we have a real choice today to assume the presidency of Andalusia” which would allow the community to become a “centre of hope for the whole of Spain” and would make Santiago Abascal President of Spain.

Olona recalled that “four years ago we said no to corruption” and “we loyally allowed the government to change and they lied.” Of course, he pointed out with a certain irony that “we cannot say that there has been no change, for the time being they have excluded 10% of the socialist protection network, but we have continued to plug in 90% “.

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