About 800 civilians take refuge in fighting at a chemical plant in Severodnetsk


The Azot plant, owned by the DF Group, has “highly explosive chemical products”.

This Tuesday, a column of smoke rises over Severodonetsk
This Tuesday, a column of smoke rises over Severodonetskares messinisAFP
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About 800 civilians are taking refuge in a chemical plant in eastern Ukraine’s Severodonetsk city, where The conflict between the army of Ukraine and Russia has been going on for several days.The US lawyer for plant owner tycoon Dimitro Firtach said on Tuesday.

“About 800 civilians have taken refuge in the shelters of the Azot chemical plant, owned by Dimitro Firtach’s DF Group,” the Ukrainian tycoon’s lawyer Lani Davies said in a statement. “Among the 800 citizens there are about 200 of the plant’s 3,000 employees and about 600 residents of Severodnetsk,” he said.

Contacted by AFP, the Ukrainian president had not confirmed the information as of late Tuesday.

According to the statement published on the Grupo DF website, 200 workers still at the plant “remain (…) to guarantee the safety of highly explosive chemical products that still exist.”

Azot plant is located in Severodnetsk, A major strategic city of the Lugansk regionIn the east, which Russian troops have been trying to take completely for several weeks.

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