About five tons of hash seized in a cove in Lorca


The crew was unloading a large number of packages while a group of people collected them on the beach and transferred them to a truck.

About five tons of hashish interred in a cove in Lorca.civil guard

civil guard About five tons of hashish were interred when they were being introduced into a cove Lorca and four drug traffickers who have already been jailed for offenses related to smuggling, drug trafficking and a criminal organization.

Although the events of this Thursday became known, they occurred on Sunday morning when agents discovered a suspicious boat with powerful engines a few meters from the cove. Calnegre Pointshave reported civil guard,

The crew was unloading a large number of packages while a group of people collected them on the beach and hurriedly carried them to a truck parked nearby.

by detecting the presence of civil guardThe boat’s crew got rid of the drug by throwing it overboard and fled into the sea.

The rest of the criminal organization, who was carrying the bundles, climbed the cove’s rocks and fled on foot.

four captives

Agents secured the area and arrested two men and fencing and search equipment installed by various Civil Guard patrols resulted in the location and arrest of two other members of the criminal organization who had participated in the drug transport.

In addition to prevention patrol Citizen protectionThe civil guard activate your patrol boat maritime service To carry out inspection work in the field and recover the bales thrown into the sea by the runaway ship.

Overall they have been arrested 135 bales of hash who has thrown the total weight of 4,819 kg140 bottles left containing gasoline for the boat and three cargo vehicles, specifically two trucks and a van.

Lorca. Court of Instruction which directs that the case has ordered the entry of the four arrested into prison.

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