Abraham Garcia: “God does not exist and Satan was always Putin”


A pioneer of fusion gastronomy, a philosopher in kitchen and life, and a host with a nimble and precise action, Viridiana’s ingenious hidalgo and boss is fitter than ever.

Chef with one of his famous hats, with the colors of the Republican flag on a ribbon.
Chef with one of his famous hats, with the colors of the Republican flag on a ribbon.Photos: Antonio Heredia

The irrepressible cook, the pro-Republican, intelligent sarcasm with a sneaky action and so obvious it even hurts. abraham garka (Robledillo, in the mountains of Toledo, 1950) remains as its dining room viridiana (Juan de Mena, 14) – “oblivious to the fickle season of fashion” and making art with market dishes. Married to a frying pan, flirted by feat and live immortal love Along with the square, which he has been visiting every day for 40 years. A pioneer of fusion gastronomy, the pattern of this dining room is still in top shape and pull out muscle culinary and dialecticAnd if not, read “Simple Hidalgo” which Don’t forget the smell and taste of poverty And he “goes to bed” with Jorge Luis Borges every night.

Let’s talk about the “love” that comes every day. Which is the market that gives you more life?
In Madrid, Maravilla, which I eat daily. And I can’t resist when I visit the splendor of Valencia. For so many bags, I would need the hands of a Hindustani Devi. Or become a marsupial. What a pity that is unknown from La Boquera! Tourists remember the plastic tube extinct candles with juice.
The nearby product is in fashion, but the food markets are not so much…
In fact, many, many more, were in decline. Hopefully the success, still among us, of serving food inside (in Paris, this was already done at Les Halles, before the pickaxe turned it into dust and oblivion) ​​breathed a new public and air into Will take
A pioneer in filling suitcases with dishes from across the ocean. What shall I put in it today?
Diners looking forward to the experience.
Their relationship with the markets is an ideal that has lasted for over 40 years. Confession: You’ve Been Unfaithful and Bought on Amazon…
I am unfaithful in all its senses.
The romance he had with Michelin didn’t last long, ever since the romance broke out…
I refuse to believe that guides are a necessary evil. I would defend that, in a foreign city, the best thing to do when choosing a table is to ask someone who is dressed beyond their means.
The father of fusion cuisine (as you say), how do you see it?
Rather grandfather. Perseveringly, happily, even though it still spreads so much that it belongs to kitchens laden with sculpture.
What’s left for the kitchen in general?
It has a lot of wind and lacks land.
Why don’t you go to Congress?
I left them when I noticed that they were bloating with liquid nitrogen. I remember Madrid Confucian Where a paper was lying in the kitchen on the properties of Coca-Cola. This doesn’t happen with Pepsi either. I also turned my back on Congress, I mean, when I found out that the hostess had a boyfriend.
Abraham had m.  Is
Abraham has over a hundred hats.

Russia invaded Ukraine more than three months ago, what do you think? And now, what do you feel?
So, outrage. Now, resentment and impotence.
year 2022. Would you have imagined a world on the verge of a third world war?
No, full of comforts, we surround ourselves with the present, and the rest don’t exist. We pass blind lives as Picador’s horses.
Opponents, atheists… Who is God today and who is Satan?
God does not exist and Satan was always Putin. I’ve always gotten along badly with the church. Luckily, eventually, they start unplugging it like HAL [el superordenador de 2001, una odisea del espacio]of public education. I remember the time when making a statement [de la Renta], my manager asked me: “Do I hold X in church?” “Who are you playing against?” he said.
Where is the hell today?
Obviously in Ukraine. In Sahel and also in our periphery.
He has more hair on his tongue with age, come on, who throws less dialectic darts?
I am sad And now I carry condoms in the quiver.
What do you say every morning when you wake up?
baby, what do you think?
Last year, singing Siren lured him into retirement. Do you have plugs in your ears?
Buyers are wearing wax caps, and the sirens of El Retiro no longer tempt me.
What would you do on your first day as a retiree?
Go to market
How do you connect with the Internet and social networks? You know if we put your name in Google, it shows you and a muscular, shirtless actor who is a . emanated from Reality,
There was a time when it rivaled the Lincoln, but I’ve been denied fiber (optics too). A few days later he asked me who was taking the picture. nobody. I am Christ and Costlero.
The cook in Viridiana's room.
The cook in Viridiana’s room.

What can’t you handle in the kitchen? And in life?
With trompe l’oeil, in any case.
How do you get along with politicians?
Good with people who don’t take it. My admiration and admiration for Gallardon or Bono is known and remains.
An impossible dream, Republic?
Windows of the Subconscious: Presently, this year, April 14 came in red. But, hell, it turned out to be Holy Thursday. Republicans, in their days, were persecuted by the Church. Now, moreover, misfortune (excuse the pleurisy).
And a possible…
What book do you go to bed with?
only with the book? Are you pointing out that I love my hand? I sleep, you know, with Borges.
Which have you read and read more often and why?
All borges (no side dishes in Buenos Aires; everything is sirloin), onetti, sela… if I have to reason we’re in a bad way.
which other quickie,
It bothers me to say it, but, except for a few excellent pages, Cortazar, I think, has aged badly.
Speaking of undoing, what would you like to learn…
Wedding vows. Do you know that between Yaa and Chahat I told the priest an anti-joke? And he liked it so much that he didn’t blame me for smelling it before drinking.
one of abraham's recipes
One of Abraham’s most replicable recipes: Eggs on Mushroom and Truffle Mousse.

A taste and smell you will never forget…
One of poverty
The dish from your childhood or the first one you remember.
Ajokano’s early riser, who let Moon sleep in a frying pan until we woke him with a wooden spoon.
What does your hat cover/hide?
Why are there so many chefs who want to be famous? How is your ego?
As David Webb Peoples said, McDonald’s can aspire to be on top even when it’s up. of ego, you say? leftover; more than cholesterol.
who would you like to be with four hands Cooking and philosophizing.
Scarlett Johansson. To the philosopher, it is understood (in .) forest book He put the syrup of his voice in the service of Ka. Kipling would have had an erection).
Your favorite restaurant in Madrid and Spain…
DiverXO, if not which one. Breed, boldness, originality, balance… Taste, in short, boils down to a crest.
Which cook do you envy, if any?
Nobody jealous. Praise many.
one of his
One of their final dishes: boletus edulis risotto, sipping lamb dessert over Sardinian pecorino.

In today’s kitchen, who are you betting on and who are you keeping as the winning horse?
I have already announced the winner. kept, are few, in its dual meaning
Defnase: The chef who writes or the writer who cooks?
Both things tempt me: with the frying pan I marry, with the pen I flirt.
That makes us equal only to being weeds?
Not even that, because some tombs look like the Taj Mahal.
Lizard, lizard, a phrase or a sutra to remind you…
The irony is the money of the poor. I always wear loose.
The question you expect and are never asked…
In your house or mine?
Finally, a secret or two…
If reincarnation exists, I’d like to be a giggol to solve the tool problem, which until recently, I’ve lost them all.

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