ACB: A boiling end at Wijink and Jasikevicius’ unusual streak | CBA 2021

Real Madrid – Barcelona (Friday, 9:00 pm)


The final, tied, goes to the Palace, where the Lithuanians have never lost as coach of Bara. Both physical marks: Mirotic and Yabusele accumulate over 65 minutes in two games

Jasikevicius with Laprovitola during the second game.
Jasikevicius with Laprovitola during the second game.Enrique FontaubertaEFE
  • controversial El Barra accuses Yabuselle of “intimidating the referee”
  • mold mirotic wears baras

The final reached such a temperature that even conversation jasikevicius He felt his words made him a grand 1-1 after Wednesday’s painful win. We must fight to the death in Madrid. this is so. With blood if necessary. I know it’s using big words, but it’s like that, inspired the Lithuanian, knowing that they make two free throws Corey Higgins (or after the wrong triple fabian talker) gave him a breath of life that could reverse the end result.

Because it is about inertia, about mental states that are reduced to the smallest detail. Of Heroes, such is the extent to which both find themselves on course at this point. Not long ago it was Barra who permanently disappointed Real Madrid, from Belgrade it seemed that everything has changed … the ups and downs that now, suddenly, with the series’ trip to the WiZink Center – Today, third game: 9:00 PM, let’s go – curiously, they smile at the Blagrana team again. With a disastrous fact: Jasikevicius never lost with Barra at the Palace.

Six wins in two years, no more trouble. In the Endesa League, in the Euroleague, in the playoffs and even in a cup final (2021). In all of them, Barra crossed 80 points and in the last, in February, just before the Granada Cup, they won 18. It was precisely at Palacio where Saras debuted as a professional coach in January 2016, when he took the lead. The reins of Jalgiri to whom he was an assistant. Even with the people of Kaunas he managed to win in the White Temple: in April 2019 (86–93), with an exhibition Brandon Davis (27 points and 10 rebounds).

“the most important”

We have played against them many times, we have played very different games but now this is the most important, a very demanding final in which we have to recover well, admit tomorrow adam hanga About the ninth classic of course, which obviously will not be the last. The truth is that Madrid seem to have escaped the enduring ghosts that Barca inflicted on them in each of their struggles. It’s not just that he stole the first game of the Euroleague semi-final and clearly the final. Already in the last league match in Palau, Barra won with many difficulties and also with the final brawl. poirier…) since the worst streak of the Lasso era ended in Bilbao on 13 April (17 losses in 28 games), he had won 16 of the last 17 (he only lost in the Euroleague final against Efes)… By Friday, which was also the first defeat chus mate As a substitute for Vitoria’s player after eight matches.

Physical, rebound and success are marking the final. People are tired and physically damaged. them and us. Survive with the most courage, grant Saras, whose list of hits is also extended: Sanli and Abrines with ankle problems, calathea There was a strong blow to the cheek bone, Pierre Oriol Still out… like Real Madrid, which has recovered lul and abalde, although they are still among the cottons. and who you can’t trust Williams-Goss, Aloken, Anthony Randolph (he had surgery yesterday), Hertel or Thompkins, His three-point percentage, which marks his multiple wins, was poor from 41% in the first game to 19% (5 out of 26).

Given so much injury, another important thing is how the coaches are squeezing their pillars. Both Jasikevicius and Mateo place their trust in the Four Pillars. For Bara, a . except mirotic who has played 64 minutes in two matches, Kyle Kuriko (53), Brandon Davis (51) and Laprovitola (50) Support the collective. to Madrid, with return front (68), are Hanga (58), Tavares (53) and Talker (51) Those who focus, even more responsibility.

And then there are precedents, which say that on 14 occasions the final was drawn 1–1 and the advantage is minor for the team that opened the match against home courts: they managed to lift the trophy eight times (57.1%). )

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