ACB: A League for Chus Mateo and Pablo Lasso | CBA 2021

Basconia – Real Madrid (9:00 pm, let’s go)


The famous assistant takes the reins of Real Madrid, who take part in the third game of the semi-finals in Vitoria. “It hasn’t been an easy season,” he admits about the misfortunes that rocked the team this season

Chus Mateo, during the game in which he replaced
Chus Mateo, during the match in which he replaced Lasso in Murcia.ACB Photos
  • ribbon hospitalized after heart attack

Paul Lasso He left the ICU of Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital on Monday and, thanks to his favorable development, was transferred to the ward after suffering a heart attack a few hours after the second ACB semi-final match against Bitsi Basconia. It is likely that he will be discharged soon, as he is still in good condition, but it is also most likely that he will not be able to handle any more games this season. Benches are usually not the most appropriate treatment for a damaged heart. One tough mental stick for Real Madrid that this season is going through a series of unusual misfortunes.

Motivation is 100%, no matter how much we touch… chus mate, the person in charge of taking over the reins. The assistant, who had already had to replace Lasso at the end of December when he contracted covid (four wins in four games: Alba, CSKA, Armani and Murcia), expressed the sentiment of a squad that has been spared of audacity. rebels against and inspires his coach to give up the league title. We are happy because today we can talk about how good he is after the scare. He will continue to give us war, he is our friend and we love him very much, encouraged Matteo, one of the most famous assistants in national basketball, who has been in Madrid with the player of Vittoria since 2014.

Juan Nezu

To do so, they must close the series of semifinals in which it has its third stake today (9:00 p.m., Let’s go), the first at the Buesa Arena, and for which the whites fall, literally, in the square. they have not been recovered lul na abalde and hertelThe one who played three minutes on a Saturday after being away for two months, hurts his ankle and doesn’t even travel, like Trey Thompkins, join the wounded Carlos Alocan and Williams-Gosslong term, cause canternos Eli Rivers and Urban Klavazari complete the call. Besides, of course, a Juan Nezu With that just 18 years old already sounds like another.

Panorama uncovers the complexities of an unprecedented year. And that Real Madrid started off the course with fresh and happy faces. With Super Cup titles and dominance in ACB and Euroleague. Until everything starts going wrong. First, with the Covid infection in December which disrupted the squad. The inevitable and sometimes accidental postponement of matches suffocated their schedules just before the Cup. Later, with the serious injury of Alocan, who was joined by other elites, an unprecedented crisis unfolds in Lassimo. And, in the midst of defeats (16 losses in 25 games), disputes with Hartel and Thompkins. There is no record of similar episode of indiscipline during more than 10 years on the Bench of Lasso. No one came apart that way and the technician never had a similar media mess.

in a year in which Rudy Fernandez He lost his father and his father-in-law within days, the technician’s heart attack being the culmination of misfortune. However, the team wants to use this as a springboard and erase the bad taste in the mouth of the losers of the two finals (Cup and Euroleague) in the last few seconds. It hasn’t been an easy season, we’ve lost two finals and now we have to tackle something more serious, Pablo is also playing in the final and he has to win it, settled Chus Mateo.

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