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Palau bids farewell to Madrid with thunderous applause after suffering a spectacular injury to his left knee. 18 months ago he ruptured his Achilles tendon in Piraeus and was unemployed for almost a year.

Randolph, Nada M
Randolph, right after his injury.ACB Photos

There are times when sportsmanship goes far above rivalry. Even in one as Barra and Real Madrid have. For this reason, the Palau Blaugrana, despite the fact that the fans of Barcelona then suffered greatly against the Madrid team, wanted to bid farewell to one. Anthony Randolph Whose injury, of course, sends chills down the spine of locals and strangers. His expressions of pain were very evident after he tried to steal a ball from Mirotic. Therefore, Barca supporters decided to ignore his colors when, backed by two Madrid team physios, he was forced to take the route of the changing room, knowing that, perhaps, it would be a long time before He could step on one. Pitch again.

We’ll see what it is, but it doesn’t look goodconfess chus mate, due to the forced absence of Madrid coach Pablo Lasso, in statements to the channel #Vamos. This time, Randolph’s left knee was enough. And the pictures captured by television, in the absence of doctors giving their definitive diagnosis, don’t exactly invite us to be optimistic. Randolph, truth be told, hasn’t had much luck with injuries.

In mid-December 2020, during a game with Olympiakos in the Euroleague regular stage, he fractured the Achilles tendon in his left leg. And, on occasion in Palau, he had to leave the track to go to the changing room, supported by two members of the Madridista staff. Then, after the mandatory move to the operating room, he had to stay off the tracks for almost a year. His return, in fact, did not take place until early December last year, 351 days after a fall in Piraeus and overcoming a difficult and painstaking recovery.

In his reappearance with Real Madrid, the American had an outstanding performance in the White team’s victory on the Zaragoza court. Now it will be his turn to go through the hell that athletes fear so much, but from which he has already shown that he had to come back stronger than before. If there’s anything in Randolph’s favor, it’s that in terms of mindset and ability to sacrifice, there’s practically no one who can beat him.

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