ACB: Jasikevicius, MS All de la Ira | ACB 2021

Barcelona-Real Madrid (L/21.00 h)


The Barcelona coach will face an ACB final against a team from Madrid that has won 11 of its 15 classics, but it has raised questions about his way into the Final Four in Belgrade.

Jasikevicius, Durante and Partido Esta Temporada.
Jasikevicius, Durante and Partido Esta Temporada.EFE
  • Opinion Barcelona, ​​great favourite… or maybe not so much?

Maybe everything is too simple. Perhaps everything can be contained in one question and one answer.

Is talent without effort good for something?

-No. off course not.

answer them conversation jasikevicius For EL MUNDO before the 2021 Final Four. Then the Lithuanian coach, who led Barcelona as talented as it is in capital moments, lost the final against Efes de maiko, larkin You atman, Return pau gasoliDespite his occurrence in the ACB final, the team affected the balance. A year later, and despite further consolidating a squad that costs the club in salary €34.8 millionAzulgrana team crashes in EuroLeague semi-final against an underplayed Real Madrid despite superhuman efforts Nikola Mirotic, “I don’t know whether this team needs another coach or not,” the coach challenged, casting doubts that he might squeeze more of his players.

That last continental defeat, brewing after an irregular quarter-final series against Bayern trenchesPresident’s cause for concern Joan Laporta And its wide cut. He did not expect in the box that Barra, after dominating the regular league of the continental tournament maximum with Solvency, would return to the halfway point in a competition they have not won since the days of Barcelona. xavi pascual (2010). While the unit has no doubts about the work of Jasikevicius, winning a league and two Copas del Rey these two seasons, in the offices of both Palau and Camp Nou they are convinced of the need for one. Team’s new remodeling.

Check John Wesley and brazilian Oscar da Silva must reach to load the painting in return for Brandon Davis You Roland SmutsDue to which their relationship ends. With whom to decide, this is the point savior nick calathea, with a contract until 2023 and an erratic performance of the campaign despite being a decider in the semi-final against Joventut. The Greek-American was, in fact, crucial in the last two victories at Badalona and played an average of 26 minutes, more than anyone else. east azulgran Tomas Sotoranski This will be one of the options. Eagle Nigel HayesDesperate, his contract expires and has no interest in renewing it, before Jasicevicius prioritizes his appearance. dante exum, the non-community discarded for the classic. Nor is the continuity of the captain clear, Pierre OriolInvisible this course.

Thus, Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet again from this Monday in Palau, in their natural habitat of the ACB final. chus mateDue to heart problems of the head coach of the white team Paul LassoManages a squad that, after losing by one point in the EuroLeague final against Efes, does not let a single match escape play off After getting rid of Manresa (2-0) and Basconia (3-0).

mental strength

Barcelona’s path has been hard enough that, after beating Gran Canaria (2–0), they had to apply themselves to overthrow Joventut, who stole the home court advantage at Palau (3–1). A tie in which Jasikevicius reprimands his players for increasing their mental strength – the key to recovery higgins, And to get on the nerves of Joventut’s coach, Carlos Duran, who didn’t think it was good that Lithuanians didn’t praise Verdiblankos’ effort. Bara’s coach doesn’t give us importance. He only talks about his team and himself. To and from his team. he is rude.

Beyond the anger of himself and others, Jasikevicius has other reasons for his vigilance. like an ankle sanaliHis only way to get Cyclops out of the cave Tavares, Or the service record with an impeccable appearance against Madrid (he has won 11 of his 15 classics), but in the last four in question.

This season, beyond the European defeat in Belgrade, they already had to beat Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final and fall in the Spanish Super Cup final. Jasikevicius, yes, has won seven knockout series played as coach of Barcelona which is not allowed to fail.

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