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Barcelona – Real Madrid (9:00 pm, let’s go)


The last pearl of Spanish basketball shines in the face of a plague of injuries in the base position. He is just 18 years old, he started playing handball like his brothers and he is also top in studies

Juan Nez in Palau during the second match of the final.
Juan Nez in Palau during the second match of the final.David GrauACB Photos
  • first match There is no misfortune that stops Real Madrid
  • Randolph Complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament

Last Thursday, five days after his 18th birthday, a boy faced what he had to do: a selectivity test. So far, nothing extraordinary. But at the exit of Somosaguas, their father Miguel waited impatiently in a car. That’s why john nunez, now exceptional, had to appear in the third game of the semi-finals of the Endesa League, in less than five hours at the Buesa Arena. He follows through with his studies – he awaits the note from EBAU without too many worries – and he complies on the field with an unusual pace, now in the final against Barcelona, ​​with the same impregnable face.

While the casualties continue at Real Madrid, young team Nez makes its way to the talent base. In Palau, he had to hit the spot in the second quarter and managed to maintain his momentum. Just like in the third act. With him on the court, his team beat Barca by 13 points (best there). He wouldn’t tremble when people liked him, squeezing him in the front row Calathea or Laprovitola, «Certainly today he learned a lot more than just a few training sessions. Do great work on a daily basis. Today I don’t know how much he has played but he has given us great minutes.” chus mate To Juan, who also showed an excellent defensive attitude.

Everything in Juan’s life is a race. As a child he combined basketball and handball at the Villaviciosa de Odón. He imitated his older brothers, Carmen and Miguel, who stood out and even reached the lower tiers of the national team. But also for his parents, Miguel and Isabel, who always played basketball, he spent many years in the canoe. Those one-hand passes have a lot to do with his performance, his reading of the spaces between goals. At the age of 11, Alcorcón recruited him and a season later, in 2015, he was already in the white mine. Baskets were installed.

One race was also his debut, because the previous year – again with injuries in Madrid – he had to go to the semi-finals of the ACB, from the final of the Junior EuroLeague, which he was playing in Valencia (Madrid won, he could not). . In October he played his first minute in Europe, in Kazan. He has been the only junior to engage in first-team dynamics throughout the season. he especially admires lul and rudy and have a great relationship with Tavares -There was a moment in Palau on Tuesday when he even tried to pacify the referee with his protest- hanga y talker, «He knows he has to enjoy the journey and both his family and club take care so that he doesn’t come out on top. He is clear about it », he says of the environment of a boy who keeps his life and that of his friends in Villaviciosa, even if he has to spend a few nights at the Madrid residence in Valdebebas. That he has little time for video games and is very good at studies, especially math. He will opt for business management or sports management, as he will not have enough time for his professional career for engineering.

“It was shocking”

Everything moves fast in Juan as the spotlight falls on who is special, who watches basketball before anyone else. The plus of imagination and risk he imprints on his game is a reminder of his Sergio Rodriguez, Hurry up, because as soon as the ACB final ends – today, the second game in Palau (9:00 pm, let’s go) – he will meet with the U20 team to play the European Championship in Montenegro, as it is one of the FEB’s Great projects of the future. “He has an inappropriate maturity for his age. Since he was young he has always played in more categories than his own, like now,” he analyzes Joaquin PradoKoch, Palau, was amazed at the “maturity” shown in hostile territory. “His ability to read the game and generate a profit is extraordinary. Obviously, he has room for improvement. But it’s a great project. Well, not so much a project anymore,” continues Prado, who debuts to Nez Recall, in the children’s Spanish championship. “Oysters, it was impressive. Their straight, fresh, dynamic, visual game. The aggression towards the hoop”, recalls Lleida’s sporting director.

So Juan won’t even have time to take the theory test for his driver’s license (his parents continue to take him to and from Valdebebas). Will have to wait for this… because who knows what Sergio scariolo He certainly wouldn’t be thinking of taking her as a full-fledged guest star in the face of uncertainty in the director’s position.

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