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The forward, with 26 points, was decisive in the victory for Jasikevicius’s team (71–69), which equalized in the final against Real Madrid.

Mirotic shoots a basket against Rudy Fern's defense
Mirotic shoots a basket to the defense against Rudy Fernandez.ACB Photos
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They looked like two exhausted boxers throwing their hands without much sense. Between the tension of the Palau Sauna and the second round of the final, the fight was pure agony. Bara took it to avoid 0-2 which would have been fatal as they have a difference element. nico miroticIn an extraordinary exercise of leadership, Pure Heart Attack was the hero of the night. [Narracin y estadsticas: 71-69]

It was his impossible actions that gave oxygen to a bara full of doubts. An almighty second half against his former team, however, everything was only decided in the abyss, when Cosour missed a three-pointer that decided not to give Madrid the win. Amidst controversies, tensions and similarities, the final promises to be an anthropological battle.

In the last eight there was something for all tastes, like a summer refrigerator. Mysterious games like cup finals or Euroleague semi-finals and other explosive and low guard. What is clear is that the loser will always want to adjust from the same point of view as the defense. Saras warned in the last one – the harder, the more foul – and his team lifted the bar of aggression and placed it by moment and location.

Therefore, the first part was stumbling, tactical and combative. And that the Whites, despite Sanli’s return, emerged with 0-8, prolonging Monday’s sensations. But Barra was slowly managing to demolish Madrid’s steady attack, making him sweat every move of the ball, taking him off the paint that he dominates with Tavares so well. The visiting triple percent (2/16 then…) was the result of such efforts. And after being injured in the first semi-final match against Basconia, many of his pieces were soon full of fouls like lulls. After a partial azulgrana at the start of the second act, as Palau’s temperature suffocated, parity was maintained until the break.

With two different baskets from Hanga and Mirotic, promised the return of the changing room. Barra handed themselves to Montenegrins and Madrid scrambled with their low rotation and personnel abundance, who sent Hanga and Deck to the bench, two of their most qualified. Everything was already in agony; A forceful accidental clash between Davis and Calatheon took the Greek out, though he later returned to have his cheekbones stitched up.

Lul lit the fuse again, but Barra, with the necessary passion, kept up with a burst of talent, wild penetration from Kuric or Laprovitola and the omnipresence of Mirotic, who scored 14 points for his team in the third set. Benefit in the moment of truth. Bara came out on top, with Palau rumbling and a commendable effort in the rebound battle that had lost dangerously in the first round.

A partial of 14–4, with the level of aggression in the sky, was disrupting everything with the referee’s protest—a slap from Davis to Coser said nothing, ending the victory downhill (65–57, min 34). ) Put. ,

But Madrid responded, because it dances at least in these hells. Because the wrists of the most talented soldiers of Bara shrank. Higgins and Laprovitola crash into the basket and threaten White. 0-8 to rewind and as a free throw obstructed the return of Chus Mateo’s men. Everything was details and in that accumulation of errors, it was clear that the winner would be the one who ditched the slightest foresight.

Tavares answered twice for another display of class by Mirotic and, in the end, it was two free throws by Higgins, followed by a very reasonable foul by the African pvot, that gave Barra the win. A win that is an extra life.

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