ACB: No bad luck can stop Real Madrid: Dekk and Hunga capture Palau | CBA 2021

Barcelona 75 Real Madrid 88


White, without Lul or Lasso and with Anthony Randolph seriously injured, dominate Barra without a spark and make it 1–0 in the final

In the first match of the final, Hanga pitched against Mirotic.
In the first match of the final, Hanga pitched against Mirotic.Enrique FontaubertaEFE
  • real madrid Randolph’s serious injury

Premeditated to meet, the success of one turned out to be the failure of the other, especially this time, after a season that required both biodramina. The Endesa League is the last leg for Barcelona and Real Madrid, which will dictate the smiles, calm and heat of disconnection or other nerves and rumours. And the first round of this abyss fell on the white side, as if suddenly all the ghosts of the past were left in Belgrade sarus jasikevicius, No trace of desperation, a very easy win. [75-88: Narracin y estadsticas]

Because at the end of the course each one came with its ups and downs. Almost all precedents except the one with the court aspect and the one that matters most in his favor against the whites. Those two Euroleagues that fell by the wayside of Jasicevicius despite Madrid’s injuries, controversy and a spring meltdown, later fell in the final against Efes. Now they were the ones who came in a clearly good wave, 15 wins in the last 16 games despite casualties –lal He was on the bench, but he did not play; abalde Came back but within a minute there was a brawl – and absentee heart attack Paul Lasso, That said, something changed at the Starc Arena: Madrid, who had lost 11 of the last 15 examples, went into the same dominant line-up as they did in the semi-final against Basconia.

This is what is called faith, which makes small things happen. Or better yet, let the bad luck go away. At this point, Madrid seem invincible as nothing seems to affect them. not even when Anthony Randolph His eyes widened on Palau’s wooden floor, his left knee shattered, as was his Achilles tendon two years ago. Another fallen soldier.

Juan Nezu

This is the moment that the team chus mate (He is still undefeated as head white coach) He was already flying in a blagrana, stunned by the unequal fight. Because twelve, without Sanli ni Exum (the additional community that was excluded was Australian)Joe K picked up with five points mirotic At 30 seconds, it seemed to chill before a thunderstorm that ordered a reject. no money to upgrade adam hanga Last summer, which he rejected and now in eternal rival he looks like a complete veteran. He scored 16 points at the break, a rebuilt point guard, and Madrid managed to command 20, rebounds, dominating the rhythm… transitioning as the road map. Handing over the reins didn’t matter Juan Nezu, just turned 18 years old. Because it was a defense pillar.

Barra returned from the locker room with a little more energy, but without a plan to stop the opponent. He scored higher, but got the same. And the aggressive reflex tormented him (I left until 17 …). Real Madrid remained calm and kept their distance: success was on their side. Juan Nez reappears on the scene with such mediocrity that it scares a boy who is in control of such a fight. A pearl for Spanish basketball. And his team re-stretched the maximum rope after a free throw from the youth squad (51-74) to close the third quarter.

In the final act Bara demanded a display of pride. They raised lines, aggression, and temperature. He took the risk as he had no other choice. There was a 12-0 that looked something like a . was inspired by jocuibitis This proved to be correct, as it has lost prominence with the stork. but a triple deck To round out an exhibition in each corner of the court and a handful of rejections in the opposite hoop, accompanied by physical enthusiasm return – Lastly powerful against Mirotic – He backed a Madrid who was so confident of himself that it might even seem strange.

He fixes the court factor but above all he captures the sensibilities of the final by the zone. Fist on the table for immediate re-conquest: The last league was three years ago. Because there is 0-1 hope: nine out of 11 examples indicate that the team that achieves this first victory becomes the champion.

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