ACB: Real Madrid beat Manresa to inflict their last four wounds. CBA 2021

Real Madrid 93 Baksi Manresa 76


They took a 1–0 lead in the quarterfinal series against the season’s revelation team, which was torn apart by the dominance of White rebounds. Causar and Poirier, the best

The deck defended by Mei during the match at WiZink.
The deck defended by Mei during the match at WiZink.miguel oasesEFE

A few hours after losing the Euroleague final on his last breath, around a trap. Because no one has been a more uncomfortable, more accomplished and amazing team than Baksi MNRESA throughout the ACB season. If Real Madrid had blinked to sink in the pain of another title, they would have a match-ball at Nu Congost on Saturday. He sorted out the ballot in an exercise in competition, overwhelmingly dominated rebounds against the team that had the best rebounds all year, and found himself partially successful and with good vibes. [93-76: Narracin y estadsticas]

The message seems clear: there is no going back to the old days. White’s reincarnation is tangible since the series against the Maccabees, with 11 victories and defeats against Ephes as the only baggage. And that a league title is the only way to reconcile success.

That the Final Four doesn’t go off course always puts a double burden in the ACB playoffs, mainly Madrid and Barra. As an endorsement of their victory (if they succeed) or as a retribution for their failure, as the case may be. The two will have to sew up their scratches along the way, before they meet again for the only title already in contention. and MNRESA Peter Martinez, runner-up in the Champions League, showing that he is a bad customer for treatments. Perhaps because of that threat—two months ago, in the midst of the crisis, the Badges team won the WiZink—, Paul Lasso found his disciples Hanging starting point guard without Hertel or Thompkins If there is any doubt – they will not take a single confidence in the first quarterfinal match.

Tavares He hurt his big little finger on one of the first plays of the night. So physical torture was imposed on him Vicente Poirier, is probably the most influential rebounder in Europe today. beside give it back, they began torpedoes the Manresa, which could not keep up with the speed of the whites. there was no mark Chima Monke,

It was in the second quarter that Catalan collapsed. Because of its loss in error, desperation, was taken advantage of by a Madrid unwilling to forgive, with talker y deck to race. A 20-4 run left MNRESA trembling.

That deadly stretch was about to mark the remains. Because Pedro Martínez tried to respond with a locker room area and Madrid responded with a triple. Fabian Cousur, a hero from Belgrade, put on his shoes to keep the distance going (71–45, min 29). The first round of punishment came much earlier than expected with the second encounter on Saturday.

He had barely got a glimpse of the veteran in the last act Rafa Martinez, two triple house mark for a small arrimn. Poirier’s muscle responded, and he had minutes Juan NezuThe only pure base that Pablo Lasso has left in his plans.

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