ACB: Real Madrid crush Basconia again under a minimum and Lasso gives Hartel minutes to waste. CBA 2021

Real Madrid 83 Bitki Basconia 71


With Tavares’ dominance and Hunga’s momentum, the Whites made it 2–0 in the semi-final series. Hertel, called by casualties, appeared to whistle from the stands after three minutes

Yabusele crushes against Basconia.
Yabusele crushes against Basconia.Zippy AragonEFE
  • Tribute Madrid surrenders to Carroll

There is no antidote against Tavares, Basconia does not have it, what a shame to the enormity of the African. He is desperate, pure impotence. Two days later, the script was repeated, as for torture. spahija, already a slab in the semi-final tie. Real Madrid, despite its difficulties, to join hertel To not be able to against in the call Paul Lasso Thief Abalde and Lulu (they add to the nurse Aloken y Williams-Goss) is one step away from the second final. [83-71: Narracin y estadsticas]

This time the fight did not last even three quarters. Basconia was broken like a newborn colt. was erased baldwin, your figure. The group was tired of chasing the shadows, seeing how all the rebounds fell from the same side, how even a second chance undermined their confidence. The conclusion is that it is astonishing that a team with less than a minimum in one ACB semi-final passes over another in this manner.

But with the fact that Madrid, Juan Nezu On the court, celebrating his 18th birthday, he led 28 at the start of the fourth quarter (75–47). command of a crusher adam hanga, which has become a fundamental director, and is supported by a strong pillar like Tavares. Lasso needed barely 20 minutes this time to recapture Basconia, signing 15 points, eight rebounds (five offensive), two blocks…

The visitor lasted for one act, although he had already warned Madrid of departure (18–10). Later fontecchio I tried to draw self love, like marinkovich off the bench, but they didn’t get a lot of allies, unlucky even giarditis, Ten down on the break, the stretch of the locker room lap, with a very solid white defense, was too much.

There would have been no more history in the afternoon in which Palace paid tribute to Jesse Carroll, but Pablo Lasso decided to waste three minutes on Thomas Hertel, who returned to dressing in shorts two months later. Facing the circumstances and whistling from the stands. French, split the following April Trey ThompkinsAppeared in a duel with the youth squad the piano,

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