ACB: Tavares and Cosur against all evils | CBA 2021

Real Madrid 94 Bitsy Basconia 84


The Giant’s dominance and the success of Real Madrid saw Basconia beat Basconia in the first semi-final. Lasso was left without ground: he lost Lulu and could not trust Abalde.

Tavares during the match against Basconia.
Tavares during the match against Basconia.ACB Photos

Tavares Over here, Tavares over there. When in the slightest doubt, the balls shoot skyward, the painting where Vishal enforces his rule, and more so when there are no people his size in front of him. And, around Eddie, everything flows better, there are spaces for the triples. Lull, by Rudy, by Talker, Basconia succumbed to the dominance of a player who, in the first game of a semi-final series, differentiated attack and defense (12 points, 13 rebounds and so many other things that don’t count), who promised does. [94-84: Narracin y estadsticas]

Because Madrid is unfortunately surrounded. the chips fall Paul Lasso Like a domino, he rushes to find solutions and the Tavares to escape all evil. It was around the locker room when he made a move into the night at Wiesink (15-0 in less than four minutes), a bridge that paralyzed Basconia, already desperate for relics, in pursuit of an impossible. doing.

it was chatty Man The hero of that electric shock, but everything revolved around Tavares. When Basconia realized the slab above them, Madrid only had to avoid desperate three-pointers costello y peters Punishing Vittoria’s loss, with his short rotation, was a tough test. spahija, And continued by success, this time yes, Perimeter his white ally in a game in which the defense soon disappeared and which had more than five minutes of trash and a lot of ensuing make-up (ACB debut for the 17-year-old Slovenian) the piano,

Because the first part was Gymkana for Real Madrid. confirmed the decline of abalde (which connects three bases Williams-Goss, Alokan and Hertel), Pronoun Make It was accused of two faults and not taking longer lal, who broke into the palace at night with three successive thirds, went to the locker room with discomfort in his thigh. I was not going to come back. Thus, with such a curse on the directors of the lasso, it was the turn of the second act. Juan Nezo,

And, without the fulfillment of 18, the brazen youth squad endured the drag of a similar duel. Because Basconia, despite apparent fatigue (they resolved their quarter-final tie on Monday in Valencia), each time Madrid responded by relying on Tavares’ tyranny. Vishal made the difference (nine rebounds at halftime) and Lul and Rudy were the two flashes. But of Spahija, which is supported by the triples of marinkovich And in Baldwin’s aggressive flow, he didn’t lose the face of the game … until he left the locker room.

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