ACB: Tavares has done his job and unfortunately Real Madrid are already in the final. CBA 2021

Basconia 77 Real Madrid 85


With the unstoppable giant once again in place for Basconia and Chus Mateo in place of Pablo Lasso, the Whites make it 3-0 at Buesa and await an opponent

Tavares during the third match in Busa.
Tavares during the third match in Busa.ACB Photos
  • real madrid A League for Chus Mateo and Lasso

Real Madrid of catastrophic misfortune, in a particularly complicated year, will play their fourth final of the season, in whatever way possible. Once again, his competitive spirit triumphed over the circumstances. with Paul Lasso in everyone’s mind, chus mate With the reins in hand and a good handful of injured players—three home players in the squad—the Whites finished Basconia via the fast route and went to Barra or Joventut to try to win the ACB again three years later. are waiting for. [77-85: Narracin y estadsticas]

The tie will be remembered as the one Madrid won without bases (without Lul, without Aloken, without Williams-Gauss, without Abalde and even without Hertel) A complete revolution that had its toughest moment this Tuesday at the Buesa Arena, where the series touched down: no one ever came back 2-0. That’s why wade baldwin, called to star in great works this season, attempted to sign a small, indeterminate piece. Beyond the glare of a first-person vanity that came too late and found no company fontecchio,

But WiZink didn’t have much of a difference in the scripts of the two previous ones, as Basconia, who had no chance of victory this time too, hit the same wall over and over again, said Tavares, This time Vishal slowly started reducing his work, but by the break he already had 12 points. Because white supremacy was established in the four triples, without fail, once again to the dismay of those Neven Spahija (14-25), who tried to lift the physical bar to no avail.

“the difference is the heel”

The second quarter was local, not because Madrid hit a third, because they went down with their very poor business and because Baldwin took it personally. But the advantage soon reappeared: the locker room lap was another whiplash. And with an indispensable hero. Tavares has experienced this match in a few moments of his career. Confident, his performance reached the point of not only hurting under hoops. He made several baskets from four meters and even a fade that would have been signed by Nowitzki himself. His numbers are the culmination of some MVP playoffs: 23 points, 12 rebounds, two blocks… the difference is Eddie Tavares. That’s impressive, an NBA level, a Spahiza did not respond.

This time Basconia did not throw up the towel so quickly. In front of his public, he took pride in trying to make up for his disappointing season in which he didn’t make it to the Cup. Cheap The Euroleague playoffs, without the Russians, did not die so quickly. it was jason granger, the stock of Basconia character, who tried in vain to call the alarm (64–69, min 33). But once again no one got into his car, the mistakes of costello and giarditis,

One big . with Make under control—the great secret of the wonderful white moment—and a deck Destructive, contributing points to his undeniably deaf work, it was a martyrdom, a final blow too unbalanced for Madrid’s tight rotation for a semi-final in which the troops would have few days to recover (Lul, Abalde…) and Even, perhaps, to your coach. We wanted to dedicate it to Pablo, concluded Chus Mateo, who is still undefeated.

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