ACB: The deck does not want: Real Madrid suppress MNRESA’s rebellion and are already in the semi-finals. CBA 2021

Baxi Manresa 74 Real Madrid 83


Argentina (11 points in the last seven minutes) saved Pablo Lasso’s men 2-0 in Nu Congost. Facing Basconia or Valencia

During the match at Deck, Nu Congost.
During the match at Deck, Nu Congost.Susanna SezuEFE

Real Madrid are waiting for an opponent in the ACB semi-finals, confirming that the stability achieved to the point of being a breath away from winning the EuroLeague is the reality with which the league has yet to fight to win again. Because he didn’t finish anyone: After the displeasure of Belgrade, Baxi looked like a stone in Manresa shoes. In Vizink on Wednesday they stood no chance of surprise and in a very heated Nu Kangost-time advance inspired by this Saturday’s Champions Final, they faced the strength of the group Peter Martinez To sign off 2-0 in a tight final. [74-83: Narracin y estadsticas]

it was deck When Madrid was sinking the most, the leading man and everything was summed up in his majestic defense. After a return to the NBA in which he has shone more individually than the collective, the Argentine has shown all the arsenal that required him. He was able to score from three, to make from the direction, to stop moneke and rebounding and posting. It was a destabilizing element for MNRESA, who saw how hopes of forcing a third fell a foot from the end.

It was an uncomfortable table talk, how could it be against the otherwise revelatory team of the Endesa League, which appealed to the spirit of 98, the historic year in which TDK won one of the most surprising league wins in the history of the sport. Since then they have not beaten those from Bagge against Madrid at Manresa and so the event will continue, as the runners-up in the Champions League died on the edge of the rebellion.

With just over six minutes to go, Real Madrid were completely demolished. Nu Congost was boiling as his team, who didn’t seem to have broken anything, conceded 15-2 to the Whites with the awakening of their star. Chima Monke, who nominated herself for ACB Season’s MVP – an award she garnered greatly Dazanan Moses-, he had spent a game and a half chasing return,

Yabusele with Bako during a match in Manresa.
Yabusele with Bako during a match in Manresa.Susanna SezuEFE

Till then the duel was a slide. Pedro Martínez tried to surprise with a starting field, but Madrid relied on a triple and offensive rebounds to take the initiative. This punished Lasso’s men, however, for their holes in the position without a point guard. Williams-Gauss and Hertel, Hunga, Lul and Abalde (Galician only four minutes), combine moments of clarity with mistakes that hurt. Hence the parity in the first half (39-41).

Madrid returned with another march from the locker room and, with relentless Yabusele inflicting damage, he put up a maximum (46-55). That’s where the afternoon seemed to settle down, but Manresa’s great resurgence, as a respectful farewell to their huge season, forced the tight end, as only the whites were in charge with two minutes to go. . At the finish line, the experience and energy of the visitors triumphed. A decisive deck, with 11 points, it appeared with just over seven minutes left, and a priceless tribute to those who deserved it. Rafa Martinez Received all the accolades and accolades that build into a great career.

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