Accidents: Other ‘prices’ charged for last-mile delivery


The boom in e-commerce and home delivery of food comes from the hand of more sustainable vehicles like bicycles. But it also means that more and more young people between the ages of 16 and 30 are victims of commercial traffic accidents. and more than any other age group

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The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has had all kinds of effects and one of them is accelerating the takeoff of e-commerce. In fact, if in the first quarter of 2016 Electronic sales in Spain reached 5,414 million, up from 13,661 million in the second quarter of 2021. By 2022, it is estimated that this business will grow between 20% and 50%.

Within this boom, and more specifically last-mile delivery, food delivery orders have exploded as well: famous rider, Among those who fight against false self-employment before the law came into force last year, and Deliveroo’s departure from Spain, It was estimated that there were about 30,000. The vast majority, working on a bike, scooter or scooter.

four out of 10 accidents

The downside is that this development is also reflected in statistics on workplace accidents. thus, Youth between the ages of 16 and 30 – the majority profile of childbirth – do not stop gaining weight and are the largest group in the total number of commercial traffic accidents.

labor traffic accidents.  age distribution
labor traffic accidents. age distribution

Last year they represented 41.4% of the total claims made in the performance of their work (on mission); And about 30% of those who were going to it or coming from it (in travel). They are six to three percent more than in 2019 and, the mission claims, almost twice the age of the rest.

It is carried out by the Observatory of Occupational Accidents in Spain by Mutual Acapio, of which more Of 2.5 million workers, about 17% are registered with Social Security. This is the third edition of this masterpiece. In which CNAE Foundation (of driving schools) also cooperates and DGT. is supported by

Ecological Van Fleet from Ceuro
Ecological Van Fleet from Ceuro

hospitality and then transportation

Research says that employees The people with the most accidents are those who work in the hotel industry, followed by transportation. A primacy that occurs in absolute terms (with 490 and 379 claims during the working day, respectively) and in respect of every 100,000 workers.

“Transport activity has been maintained at all times” [desde la irrupción del coronavirus], And to this has been added the ‘bounce’ of urban distribution companies. It is on them and the youth, where we must influence the training and constant awareness » says Constantino Peria, regional director of Centro Acapio.

labor traffic accidents.  delivery by vehicle
labor traffic accidents. delivery by vehicle

Although Perea does not dare to propose a cause-effect relationship between the increase in distribution and the accident rate of young people. “We need a common practice like 2022 in terms of mobility, and look at it in more perspective.” In addition, he estimates that he is looking at studying these companies independently from next year. And also proceed to delve into the effects of teleworking.

about 40% mortals

Because for Perea, the “critical” data from this year’s observatory is the severity of traffic-related occupational accidents. They are responsible for 13% of all labor accidents (12,709 out of about 94,000), but 39%.

labor traffic accidents.  Delivery by days of the week
labor traffic accidents. Delivery by day of the week

fatal (35 out of 92 deaths) and about 25% are very serious. Similarly, if work-related accidents increased by 13% during 2021, road-type accidents increased by 18% and fatal accidents increased by 38%.

Fridays are the most dangerous days, with 618 mission accidents, while the rest of the week accounts for 500 or fewer accidents. Interpretation: accumulated fatigue. For vehicle type, one of the two is in a car or van; About 40% on two or three wheelers and the remaining 11.8% on trucks. In about nine out of 10 cases, the victim is the driver, although pedestrians represent about 9%.

labor traffic accidents.  distribution by regions
labor traffic accidents. distribution by regions

Claims in eight out of 10 companies

Along with the observatory, the CNE Foundation also presented the results of a survey 153 companies of all sizes, although most were companies with more than 500 employees (38.5% of the sample) and located in Madrid and Barcelona (six out of 10).

The great conclusion of the survey is that eight out of 10 employees of Spanish companies admit they have suffered. Any commercial traffic accident in the last five years. However, this conclusive data This is not reflected in the measures that seek to reduce it. Or at least, an initiative backed by a certain scientific rigor.

no tracking

And it is that, although most companies (87%) are aware of commercial road accidents, Measures to be taken on the basis of indicators based only on one plan out of four objective facts Number of claims faced like; the age of the vehicles used by your employees; sanctions and fines imposed on them or average annual profit per person and year on mission.

«That low percentage is astonishing, but also that, later, 68% of companies that take these indicators into account – above all, the number of claims – then forget about them when monitoring them About the measures adopted” and their results, explains Ricardo Gutierrez-Cortins, Director of Companies of the CNAE Foundation.

The work also showed that 57% of companies plan to do something in the future to end this accident rate. though they have to win difficulties when they want to apply and among which is “lack of involvement of employees including management”. Next, there is a paucity of resources and a lack of knowledge or lack of information about the levers to use.

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