According to British intelligence, “tactical errors” have destroyed the Russian Air Force.


British Defense Ministry analysts blamed the “satisfaction” of the high command for the large number of casualties in “elite units”.

Two brothers take a picture in a destroyed Russian tank near Kyiv.
Two brothers take a picture in a destroyed Russian tank near Kyiv.Emilio MorentiAP
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A succession of “serious and remarkable tactical failures” have destroyed Russian air forces in Ukraine, according to a British military intelligence report released on Thursday. The first major insurgency occurred in early March and a few days after the start of the offensive, with the capture and subsequent withdrawal of Hostomel airfield near Kyiv, which would have been crucial for the attack on the Ukrainian capital.

The report also highlighted standoff since April Advances in the Donbes region near the city of Izyum, as well as “failed and costly” recent attempts to cross the Siversky Donets River in the east of the country.

British Defense Ministry analysts warned, “the Russian doctrine is to entrust the most demanding operation to the VDV (Air Force), which is composed of 45,000 well-paid, contract professional soldiers, with the “decency of senior commanders”. Blame it on the large number of casualties that occurred in the “elite units”.

Recession and withdrawal of army

According to experts, the Russian armyor did not assess the size of the Ukrainian resistance from the start and committed tactical errors resulting in slowdown, stagnation and subsequent withdrawal of troops on several fronts.

“The air force was used in missions more suited to ground infantry, therefore causing heavy losses,” the report concluded. “The modest results of VDV in Ukraine reflect strategic mismanagement of Russia’s ability to secure air superiority.”

Analysts highlighted that a “significant investment” by the Russian military in the air force over the past 15 years has resulted in an “imbalance” with the land force that is coming to light in the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian Air Force has also suffered a symbolic and moral blow last week War veteran General Kanamat Botashev died in action, 63 years old, in control of his Su 25 fighter. Avi was shot down by a Ukrainian Singer missile at 8:25 a.m. on Sunday. His death brought the number of Russian generals killed in Ukraine to ten.

The Russian military’s casualties in the three-month battle already exceed 15,000 since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that began in 1979 and lasted nearly a decade. According to British intelligence, the high number of Russian soldiers killed in battle (estimated by the Ukrainian military at 28,700) is due to several factors.

“It’s a combination of tactical errors, Limited air coverage, lack of flexibility and a rigid attitude in command have led to a reduction in errors,” say British experts, who highlight President Putin’s personal involvement in military movements in eastern Ukraine.

Since the start of the war, British and US intelligence services have joined forces and, in parallel with military propaganda without precedent in conflicts of recent decades, have attempted to “declassify” a large portion of their reports on the Russian military. has decided.

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