According to the Andalusian CIS, the PP increases its distance from the PSOE and wins more seats than the entire left.


The May barometer of the Andalusian Studies Center predicted a victory for the PP with 39.2% of the vote and between 47 and 49 seats, while the Vox could reach 23 deputies.

Juanma Moreno, during an election act held in Seville this Sunday.
Juanma Moreno, during an election act held in Seville this Sunday.July MoozieEFE

The PP is widening its distance from the PSOE in Andalusia and will win more seats than all the left, which could allow it to rule alone, according to the latest barometer of the Center for Andalusian Studies (CENTRA) dependent on the ministerial presidency of the center.

A poll conducted by Cotesa for Fundación Centra between May 3 and May 13, based on 4,500 interviews, predicts 39.2% of the vote for the PP, placing Juanma Moreno’s popular supporters on 15 points over PSOE, who scored 24.2. % Achieved it. Support. That means between 47 and 49 seats for the PP, compared to 31 or 32 for the PSOE, which did not even reach the 33 seats Susannah Dazs won in the 2018 elections. On the other hand, PP 26 manages to almost double the deputies. Got it in the last election.

Vox also grows significantly, receiving 17.3% of the vote and between 21 and 23 seats, almost double the 12 it won in 2018.

In contrast, Ciudadanos, a partner of the PP in the current government of the board, rapidly collapses, keeping only 1 or 2 of the 21 deputies it now has.

The Left, for its part, is also sinking, as the new coalition Por Andaluca barely gets 6.6% of the vote and 5 deputies, while Adelante Andaluca gets only 3.6% of support and 1 seat. In other words, the sum of both the alliances will get 6 delegates as compared to the 17 it got in 2018.

According to the Centre’s forecast, the turnout in these elections will increase by a little over three digits compared to the previous elections, with 40.3% turnout compared to 43.4%.

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