According to the summary, Luis Lorenzo’s wife transferred 11,700 euros from her aunt’s account on the day she died and the next day


The caregivers complained to the elderly woman about the couple’s neglect because she had lice and did not have basic hygiene

Actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife Stay speak after being accused of murdering their aunt

The summary of the investigation against actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife Arantexa Palomino shows that María Isabel SA died on the same day as June 28, 2021, and the day after that. “A large capital outflow” from the account of the deceased in favor of the nieceThe amount has been increased to 11,700 euros.

It said in the proceedings, which Europa Press had access to, the movement of the bank’s account Old, 85 to . untilIn favor of your relative. The transfers took place between March 30 and June 29, 2021.

judge Elena Sanz Collado9, before Arganda Del Rey’s Court of Instruction, investigates the actor and his wife for the alleged murder of an old woman allegedly poisoned by cadmium and manganese, which turns out to be autopsy that determines the cause of death. Indicates as. “Acute Heavy Metal Intoxication”.

The woman died on June 28 at the marriage home at Rivas Wasimdrido., being with his caregivers and the children of those examined. According to the list of activities of the bank, as stated in the summary, on the same day and the next day they transferred 11,700 euros to various outputs and concepts.

gross, More than 22,000 euros were moved from one account with 60,000 euros. From the list, attention is drawn to the transfer of 800 euros whose concept appears Fabrics and MicrobladingA semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo beauty treatment.

The 800 euro transfer is striking with the clothing and microblading concept

Maria Isabel lived in Grado, a small Asturian town of about 10,000 inhabitants, who was close to many relatives, including brothers and nieces. On March 8, 2021, her niece decided to move her to Madrid, According to witnesses and friends of the deceased, a decision that his aunt would not have shared.

The woman appeared to be in good health, except for deafness and cataracts; Received a widow pension of 900 euros And he devoted himself to planting potatoes, which he later sold in a section of Oviedo.

Meals for the day and a full fridge

According to eyewitnesses, the day he visited with his niece, he had ready-made food for the day, a fridge full of produce and a few days before planting potatoes in his garden to sell.

Woman’s brother condemns Arantxa for taking woman away without seeing her on June 11, 2021 Since March 8 and denying him any communication. According to the summary, a judge in Asturias managed to contact the niece on June 27, but he told her that Isabel could not be found on the phone while she was in bed.

A day earlier, the civil guard had gone to Rivas’ house to check on the old woman’s physical condition, which Arantxa refused as she did not have a court order. Two days later, her aunt died of a “stroke.” At the funeral home, many relatives may have called Arantxa a “killer”.According to court documents.

“in the terminal phase”

Summary Contains Call to emergency services from Luis Lorenzo 112 To report the death of your family member. In a telephone conversation with a doctor of 112, the actor remarked that the woman was in a terminal stage suffering from dementia with Lewy bodies – the second most frequent cause of degenerative dementia after Alzheimer’s disease – and that death was a matter of days.

“Through all the reports compiled and analysed, there is no evidence that Maria Isabel was in a late stage and was about to die in a short time,” collects the proceedings.

Relatives and friends of the woman testified in their testimony that Did not suffer from any mental illness before moving to Madrid And he was in good physical and psychological health, except suffering from deafness and glaucoma.

The case includes testimony from the director of the company who provided caregivers to the couple as a result of a diagnosis of dementia and disclosed that the old woman would survive, according to the summary, An “abandoned” situation.

Residents of the house in Rivas insist on this when they verify it Despite the apartment having two bathrooms, the old lady used to go to the garage to urinate and wash herself.

In summary is a transcript of audio from a caregiver dated June 6, 2021 in which she complains Neglect of niece when woman has louseIt shows that she has been admitted after going to a notary, where Arantxa is denied the transfer of the papers of power due to her poor condition.

At another point, the testimony of another caretaker who remarked that the woman He had no luggage, diaper or sponge to wash himself with.

Another context covered in the summary is that on one occasion the marriage He would leave the woman in a VIP for hours to go to an amusement park.

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