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The engineers responsible for the image assure that it is capable of drawing with greater accuracy and in a more realistic manner than other engines such as VQ-GAN, LDM or DallE 2.

Examples of new illustrations.
Examples of new illustrations.Google
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Google already has an answer for DallE 2, an engine capable of drawing anything that is described as text. It’s called Image and like Delai, it’s capable of Simulate different painting styles and deliver incredibly realistic results In response to any details. Dog in a sushi shed?, a raccoon playing guitar on top of a mountain?, a cactus with a straw hat and sunglasses in the desert? No problem.

The engineers responsible for Imagen claim that it is capable of drawing more accurately and more realistically than other engines such as VQ-GAN, LDM Or Daley 2 himself. To test this, he created a test battery of over 200 descriptive texts and asked various engines to pull them. A human jury reviewed the results for accuracy and clarity, but also for how complex the details were or how the various elements in the image were arranged.

These types of text-to-image engines have become the new frontier for artificial intelligence researchers. not only should they be able to understand natural languageA fairly complex task in itself, but also understanding which image is acceptable as a result.

They are not perfect. Examples chosen by both the DallE 2 and Imagine teams skip several attempts Where AI doesn’t understand the descriptions correctly, but they are becoming more and more accurate.

This, although it may not seem like it, is good news for artists and designers, who will soon have more advanced tools with which to create the first sketches of an illustration, or with which they will be able to explore various creative way will be able Without investing a lot of time and work.

But it also opens up new moral frontiers that can have a profound impact on society. These engines are capable of producing highly realistic images that can be perfectly passed for real photographs and the researchers fear that Can be used in propaganda campaigns.

“Potential risks of abuse pose problems, so for now we have decided not to publish the code or make it public,” explain the people responsible for the image. The creators of DallE 2, the OpenAI Consortium, have opted for a similar policy. Access to your engine is restrictedFor now, it is up to a very specific group of academics, engineers and researchers to ensure that it is not used for harmful purposes.

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