Acquitted controller responds with complaint of bias against new commissioner for transportation


The USCA consortium accuses the man of violating the criteria for managing a European fund that could have prevented the 2010 Hawaii chaos.

Carmen Liberrero, in a file image.
Carmen Liberrero, in a file image.jay barabancho

Three months later, justice acquitted 131 controllers who quit their jobs on December 3 and 4, 2010, within the framework of the closure of Spanish airspace and the airport chaos affecting more than 600,000 passengers. The group I allegedly responded with a complaint prevaricin You embezzlement of funds against the political leaders who pointed them out.

Among the defendants is the new government commissioner for transport, mobility and the urban agenda. is about Carmen Bookseller, that when the condemned events took place she was the head of the Air Navigation Department of Aina – currently baptized under the name Ainaer. Last May, the Council of Ministers approved a newly created “special” post with the rank of Under Secretary for Librero, who is now in charge of managing the 17,000 million euros that the Transport Ministry will receive from European funds. , within the framework of the recovery plan approved after the covid pandemic.

The complaint, filed on 3 June by the Union of Air Controllers (USKA), was against seven former senior officers of the old Aina “for ordering the closure of the airspace, indecent and arbitrary disobedience, and for violating mandatory administrative rules”. is directed to. compliance, the application of which could have prevented closure” and the chaos that occupied the airports, causing the first state of alarm in a democracy that lasted 43 days with the militarization of the control towers.

The defendants are also Juan Ignacio Lema Devesa (President of Aina when the events happened), Anders Torsilla Ripoll (Director of Air Traffic Operations), Gabriel Novels (Director of Madrid Control Center), Director of ANA Jose Luis de la Calle and the one who was the head of the central unit of control and flow of traffic, Pedro Perez de los Coboso,

a “premeditated” decision

The union accused them of “deliberately” failing to comply with the rules, “in order to transfer responsibility to workers for the colossal consequences arising from this decision, blaming them for the conflict that has arisen,” according to the complaint. Till this newspaper had access.

Amid the alleged arguments, the USCA also denounced that the decision to close the airspace was “premeditated” and “as a response measure against the declared labor mobilization of controllers” prior to the new norm “for purely preventive purposes”. with” was adopted. who controls the timing of the activity and the rest of the group.

That chaos led Carmen Liberrero to the Ministry of Public Works, headed by Joseph White, In 2012 she was appointed Secretary General of Transport with PP, until 2018, the year in which she became the Chairperson of INCO with PSOE until January this year.

On October 26, 2011, EL Mundo published internal ANA emails, revealing the strategy adopted by the Ministry of Public Works not to run out of air control personnel before the end of 2010 as a result of a royal decree, which was called in summer. was approved. That year, that established new activity and leisure times for the group of controllers and set a maximum annual working day of 1,670 hours. A large portion of the controllers were about to end that annual day.

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