Advice from the new queen of Korean cosmetics to have a glowing and natural skin


Boutique founder Jillian Yu reveals the secrets to getting ‘Glass Glow Crystal Skin’ without the prosthetics

Butizor's founder Jillian Yu.
Butizor’s founder Jillian Yu.NGELA NICOLAU
  • beauty Barcelona that conquers Asia with its cosmetics made of white caviar, gold and foam from the Mediterranean

Sitting in front of Jillian Yu, the new queen of Korean ‘green’ cosmetics in the heat of Madrid’s hot spring, is an eye-opening experience. The difference between her perfect porcelain skin, without a hint of stains or imperfections, and that of a servant (the one closest to my hand for example) is so brutal it gives a lot to think about. . The way we (ignore) take care of ourselves until we realize that we are doing it badly and try our best to fix the matter,

The founder of Butizor, a high-end cosmetics firm that advocates ‘competing’ the effects of time by preserving the skin’s natural beauty in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, Yu is the best possible ambassador for that company. glass glitter crystal skin face to face single skin tone To which, for so many decades, we have given ourselves without weighing its dire consequences in proper measure. “I also like to pick a little skin tone but I always Healthy way and with my photoprotective cream!” He confesses.

Taking care of your skin is an inheritance Koreans inherit from their mothers. “My mom is my great source of inspiration. At 62, she still has healthy, glowing and natural skin,

A champion of natural and balanced beauty, Yu explains that, until recently, “in my country we were used to seeing women, especially with women. artificially corrected fur, like porcelain. Now, instead, everything is more natural, Even on television, there is a tendency to show the signs of age and not to cover them up excessively with make-up.

For this former campaigner who gave everything to pursue her true passion, the true pillar of flawless skin is health. “If we’re healthy, so will our skin. That’s why it’s so important to adopt healthy living habitsExercise, eat in a balanced way and get good rest”.

Before the coronavirus, he says, “many Koreans weren’t familiar with welfare concept But, after the pandemic, this has changed radically and this concern has reached the world of cosmetics as well. Skin care now goes far beyond the eyes. it implies Self-care, reflection and reuniting with oneself,

A philosophy she applies herself to her day-to-day: “I wake up early, at six or seven in the morning, and the first thing I do is charge me with the energy that the first rays of the sun provide Morning. I also try to train first thing in the morning, even if it is only 15 minutes. i think it is very important interacting with our own bodies As soon as we wake up and so, I like to stretch, move,,

Although she claims not to be a vegetarian, she eats lots of vegetables, natural proteins and also takes nutritional supplements made from plants. “I am in love Beetroot, for its exceptional antioxidant power, and I also recommend a cup or two Pumpkin tea each of”.

Simplicity is the basis of her daily beauty protocol. “The Best Do not let the skin dizzy, Using multiple products. I never go out without applying sunscreen and I never forget to follow three basic steps of my routine, Tonics, Serums and CreamsWhich, when used together, create a wonderful synergy”.

Another big secret to its radiant ‘Glass Glow Crystal’ skin is the very delicate ingredient it contains in its products. “I am a fervent believer in the virtues of snow lotus flower“, he confirms. And you only have to consider her spotless porcelain skin to feel that her formula works.

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