Aggressive, narcissistic, jealous and with alcohol problems: this is how his former partner described the Igualada rapist


In court he explained that he assaulted her and sexually abused her during the months he was with her

suspect after arrest
suspect after arrestWorld
  • Courts No memory of the attack or the days after, due to head injury to rape minor in Igualada

They started living together last September after dating for a month and the relationship was not bad at first. But Brian Raimundo CM had a serious alcohol problem and he then lost his cool and became aggressive, even to the point of beating and sexually abusing his partner. The woman reported this in her statement to Igualada’s investigative court number 4 this week, in which she stated her coexistence with the accused for eight months and ended in February last year when she became fed up with his abusive behavior in the apartment. left. However, I kept in touch with him till his arrest in April.

Well, he had a relationship with her when on the morning of November 1 he allegedly chased a 16-year-old girl who was leaving a discotheque in an area of ​​Igualada and raped and brutally assaulted her. That day, the former couple explained that after having dinner together she went home and had a party with some friends and they kept in touch by message till morning. He assured that he was drunk and the next day he saw the news about the rape and commented on who could have done it.

The woman said that the inmate in the provisional jail assaulted and sexually abused her several times during their coexistence and described her as aggressive, jealous, narcissistic and with alcohol problems. In short, he reported that he came home drunk, argued with her, mainly out of jealousy, and ended up beating her and then having sex, although he confirmed that they were consensual. The witness connects this behavior of the accused with the abuses his father has been subjected to in Bolivia like his mother. Brian Raimundo was convicted of sexually assaulting his younger sister shortly after arriving in Spain.

The statement of the suspect’s former accomplice, who received a jacket as a gift from the victim, is one of the pieces of evidence taken in the judicial proceedings in Igualada, along with statements from the victim and other witnesses, such as the truck driver who killed the minor. Seeing a friend of the suspect who was with him in the nude or on the night of the rape, fled and claimed that he was very drunk.

In addition, Mosos has provided reports on Polygon’s security cameras in which the suspect is seen chasing the victim before approaching her after leaving the nightclub, and the minor’s DNA, traces of blood, which were in the defendant’s clothing, A study was done on Which was confiscated by the police in his room. The suspect remains in custody.

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