Ainhoa ​​Arteta: “When your life is in danger, you know about the gift of being saved: I have learned a great lesson”


Anhoa Arteta: "When your life is in danger, you know about the gift of being saved: I've learned a great lesson.

Anhoa Arteta. Toulouse, 1964. Soprano. After a tragic 2021 that threatened her life and her career, the referenced lady of the Spanish song is back. On 21 May he performs as the headliner of the ‘La Rioja Festival’ in Logru.

After the terrible 2021 you experienced, how do you feel now when you come on stage, as you would at the La Rioja Festival?
I am happy More than happy I am radiant. Because there were times when I thought I would never be able to sing again. In those days, and not so long ago, I dreamed “Oh my God, I would give everything to be able to do all these things again.” And now I can. Right in La Rioja I’m going to perform a very mine, especially mine, everything I’ve been longing for when I’ve been bad.
When you were intubated in the hospital, you lost your voice because of an injury to your vocal cords.
Yes, and voice is the only instrument that exists for me. I was very scared. When I got it back, to feel this sense of wholeness again is a real joy and a gift. After that the cursed 2021, 2022 has started strongly. Little by little, but good. Much louder than I expected because the voice is responding. Every time I go to the theatre, I get excited thinking I am back there. The next day while they were doing my makeup, I cried with emotion because I was afraid that I would never be in the theater again. I enjoy every minute of it.
You were suffering from sepsis which led to multi-organ failure and you were in a coma for several days. Has living so close to death changed you?
completely unavoidable. When you live in a situation in which it is in danger to stay here, you are aware of the gift that is saving you. Also, when this happens to you with a certain background and a certain age, you start taking life differently. I want to believe that all of this is a great lesson for me to learn and that life’s lesson is that happiness is in the most trivial, small things, and that many grains of joy make up a kilo of joy and absolute happiness. by that i don’t mean that happy And it’s cold all day, but I know you have to work hard to find happiness. Happiness does not come, it is sought and now it is known, found.
Have you removed the fear from the body?
Something remains, but it is not fear, it is awareness. A solid awareness of how important it is to us and the mistake of taking it lightly. I’ve learned that whatever good we think will happen tomorrow can be gone in an instant. It makes you more aware, it gives you a thoughtful and well thought out awareness.
Also last year a lot was written about your fourth divorce, how do you handle seeing your personal life in the media?
Until recently I never protected myself from sharing my personal life to an extent, because a singer is not only the one who goes out to sing, but also the person who lives life. That’s why I’ve shared common things that I do, being normal. What happens is that there are things that I have kept private and I was surprised that they came out. I think nobody is interested in it and I will never enter that game. It is part of the culture of our country, it seems they like to listen to those things.
What you said was that you were raped in New York and…
Sorry, but I don’t like going there. I do not want.
Perfectly fine. I was wondering why you told Burton Osborne in prime time, but without going into the fact, do you believe the world is a safe place for a woman today?
We are improving to some extent, but we still have a long way to go to reach the point where there is equality and respect. But not only in this world of women, but in life in general. Teresa of Calcutta said that peace is the way and in this society we are far from finding that path. We continue to war conflicts, with old conflicts that confront us, confront us and do not develop us as human beings or as a society. I have full faith in future generations that they will grow up not in the bitterness of tribal and petty wars, but in the vision of creating a more united and aware world.
You have been involved in social issues as the founder of the Freedom and Alternative Forum. Do you believe that positioning yourself is part of your responsibility?
Wait, wait, this is new to me. I don’t come on forums.
I read it on your official page.
Well, I don’t know who posted this.
Yes, with Fernando Savator, Mayor Oreja… If it’s on your website, I’ll believe it.
Yes, of course, the same … I am not much into politics or forums, but if you are telling me Fernando Sevator it is possible, because in everything culture and an attitude to life from culture usually take part . But one thing is very clear to me: politics is for politicians. I am a creature who creates culture and music. Nothing else. If this culture and this music can contribute something positive to politics, that’s welcome, but I would never pronounce myself under any color. My complexion is a universal color called culture and it is the same for all. Every time I go out to sing I am a vehicle for something bigger and more important than my voice, which is the work I am doing. And to be honest, they are more universal than politics. Therefore, everything that I can contribute so that society and the world is better in terms of higher vision is welcome. but nothing else.
The Forum criticizes the current government and assures that it wants to “return Spain to unity and respect to the Constitution.” Seems political.
no no no. Well, anyway, you know this is one of those things that makes one confused or confused. Also, I have never got on badly with governments, I am a person who always tries to contribute, whatever the color of those governing. In the area I manage, I’m there whenever I can to help and everyone knows that. I represent culture, I do not represent politics.
Returning to the music, how is the health of the song in Spain?
In the field of poetry, I feel we should commit ourselves to further promote and support the talent we have in this country. I’m not exaggerating either, but it’s on par with other countries, like France, Germany, England or the United States, where I’ve studied and who have great help and great respect for their country’s artists. And, for the rest, honestly, I’ve always said the same thing to all ministers of culture: culture gets lost in association with sport. And it is a shame because it is a country with a huge historical-cultural heritage and it should be promoted more. In Spain we don’t get as much benefit from culture as we should.
You defended Placido Domingo when he was accused of sexual assault. Over time, were you right or wrong?
I am a person who speaks truth. I mean, my truth. So at that time I told what I had experienced after so many years of being with him and his entire family. I think time has put things in their place with Placido and there is no need to think about it anymore. How could I not defend him at that time? He’s a great friend as well as a great ally, and doesn’t need to prove that much. He has been and will remain a champion of culture and poetry in Spain and around the world.
And how do you explain that 27 women condemned his behavior?
I said what I lived and felt. At no time do I question what happened to other people, but I did question whether Placido was, shall we say, an interpretation of chivalry. Although now it is wrong to say chivalry too, isn’t it? Placido’s attitude in his career and in his life didn’t match what he said, but I don’t want to delve into this story because it’s all happened again and I don’t like it. Things have already happened, they are getting cleared and I think there is no place to raise this topic.

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