Airtel Ties up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Uplift its Cloud Computing Biz

India’s leading telecommunication company Bharti Airtel has just announced an exclusive tie-up with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to provide its customers with much improved Cloud Computing Solution in upcoming days. This newly made partnership will offer the large base of Airtel’s customer a dedicated bridge between the AWS data centers and their properties.

Airtel AWS Partnership Cloud Computing

Airtel has been working to boost its cloud computing biz for many days, and now it has made a partnership with AWS to further strengthen its own Cloud Computing Services portfolio. Incidentally the Amazon Web Services is the newest addition to Airtel’s list of partners who provide cloud computing solution.

Airtel and Amazon Web Services Exclusive Partnership Info

With this new partnership, Airtel will now be able to provide the local companies with a committed connection funnel between their own channels and AWS available data centers. It is indeed a brand new feature which will definitely woo the local customers of Airtel.


This Airtel-AWS partnership will help the customers to enjoy much reduced mobile network costs, improved data bandwidth facility and a better and stable network experience on the go. It is a very smart move by Airtel to make this tie up into effect on such quick manner.

Much Interesting update on Verizon

If you live in USA where Verizon is a popular wireless mobile carrier, you are really very lucky since Verizon has unveiled low cost single line data plan with lots of facilities with a price tag of $60 per month. You know that Verizon is one of the most popular wireless mobile carriers in specific countries and they are almost above all other competitors.

Verizon Unveils Single Line Data Plan for $60 per Month

After being gained such a great position in their field, they are expanding their business by gathering more people towards them. To enhance their business and to help more people to get low cost mobile plan, they have launched Single Line Data Plan for only $60 per month, which includes unlimited voice and text messaging, 2GB of data usage aand so on.

There is yet another great news for you if you are a Verizon Edge user. Verizon Edge users will get $10 off in each month. On the other hand, you will get charged $15 for each GB after that 2GB of data usage.
This is really a great data plan for anybody, who uses Verizon since other companies like T-Mobile provides 1GB data for $50 and Sprints offer 1GB of data for $55. At such a moment, you will get unlimited voice and text messaging as well as 2GB of data usage only for $60 per month. So, obviously, there are so many people who are going to leave other companies very soon.

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