Alberto Fernandez defends dictatorship while Daniel Ortega authorizes the arrival of Russian troops in Nicaragua


Named by Nicolas Maduro as his ‘voice’ at the US summit, Fernández regretted the absence of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, but did not mention human rights violations in the three dictatorships.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez
Alberto Fernandez speaks at America’s Summit.Etienne LaurentEFE
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“I’m sorry that everyone who shouldn’t be here today isn’t here.” President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, has assured upon arrival of the US at the IX summit that its goal is to build a bridge between the opposing countries. Apparently, that part of his speech has remained in some corner of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, because the top of Los Angeles. Became the “voice” of Nicolas MaduroJust like the revolutionary leader had demanded from him in the past.

“We certainly wanted another summit, the silence of those absentees challenges us,” the Peronist leader continued a few meters away from the host, before specifying his scolding, Joe Biden: a “blockade” against Cuba and Venezuela, a “coup” by the “gendarme” of the Organization of American States (OAS) against Bolivia, the imposition of an American director at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). and debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

No reprimand for human rights violation and huge democratic shortcomings Venezuela, Cuba You NicaraguaDespite the fact that Fernandez insisted that “I come from a humanitarian country, where we establish the value of human rights as the heart of our identity.”

Beyond the poetic phrases and revolutionary propaganda of his colleagues, Fernández has helped lead not only three revolutions in recent times. Maduro visits Algeria and Iranwhere it has landed this Friday, but also with presidential decree Daniel Ortega authorizing the entry of Russian troops into Nicaragua, The agreement envisages training, operations and rescue, which gives Moscow privileges over other countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela or the US itself.

Geopolitics in Latin America

The announcement has been celebrated by the Kremlin’s propaganda apparatus in such a way that one of its presenters confirmed that “it is time for Russia to deploy something powerful closer to an American city”.

The Sandinista initiative has not only been criticized by opponents and activists, but Rodrigo Chaves, President of Neighboring Costa RicaPresent at the summit, reacted to the Russian military presence: “We have serious concerns with Nicaragua. We have no army since 1949, We are concerned and are right.”

From Tehern, Maduro, knowing that he is in the limelight for his previous visit to Algiers, does not miss the opportunity to strike again in defense of the “people” of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. “Our voices resonate in Los Angeles to say that enough is enough! The path is unity and self-determination”, “Sons of Chávez” highlighted.

Fernandez took advantage of his speech in the first plenary session to expand Biden Invitation to the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), as requested by Maduro. The Three Revolutions and their Continental allies are trying to revive the body created a decade ago by Chávez and Lula da Silva in order to regain the glory of the old hegemony and besieged OAS.

“Fernández, like Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, operated as a spokesman for the autocracy ousted from the summit and also attempted to redefine the Latin American order. Unlike Chilean President Gabriel Borík, who ruled without autocracy. In order to stop condemning human rights violations, Fernandez and Ebrard privileged a state-centred vision of sovereignty that denies popular sovereignty. In addition, they seek to inter-promote the Latin American order. want to bring back to the one that existed before the American Charter,” considered historian Armando Chaguaceda for El Mundo.

“The Biden Administration Has Tried To Mislead Defend multilateralism and integrate Latin America In a time of great global challenges. The currency of these passes does nothing more than Reinforce Trumpist Latin Americanism“, Chaguaceda has sentenced. At the last summit held in Lima in 2018, then President Donald Trump decided not to travel from the White House at the last minute to monitor “world events”.

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