Algeria assured that it maintains its commitments with the European Union and accused Spain of “unfortunate incursions”.


Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamara said, “Algeria also rejects the allegations and questions related to Spain’s gas supply issue, calling it fictitious and malicious.”

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamaras
Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane LamamarasJacqueline MartinAFP
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The Algerian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that what is the reason for the decision to suspend the treaty of friendship with Spain? “Political disagreements” with Madrid and cut him off from his business commitments with The European Union,

“Algeria also rejects the allegations and questions relating to Spain’s gas supply issue as fictitious and malicious,” the foreign minister declared. ramtane lammraBefore being accused of breaching community agreements by the EU.

“The alleged suspension of trade and investment relations with Spain, enshrined in the said official declarations of the European Union, has been applied hastily without any basis, and without European Community In this case he has no legal basis to establish his competence in the matter.”

North African country, Spain amid diplomatic crisis due to turn Shara OccidentalThe EU stressed that the EU statements are “hasty and unfounded” and defended the suspension of the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation with Spain, announced on Wednesday, as a “precautionary measure”.

“The haste and bias of these (EU) declarations highlight the inadequacy of their content, having a political disagreement with a European country (Spain) of a bilateral nature, with no effect on Algeria’s commitment to the European Union.” ,” he argued over the suspension. Treaty and freezing of bank direct debits that would affect commercial relations.

“(…) it responds to lawful consideration, which essentially refers to the fact that the partner has absolved himself of the essential obligations and values ​​enshrined in this Treaty, thus making a statement in this legal instrument (the Treaty). ) of its substance,” he said.

Algeria admits that it has been a “Unfortunate incursion” from Spain “To the detriment of the protection of the considered interests of the European Union within which Algeria has the honor of having many reliable and responsible friends and partners.”

Algeria insists that it has always fulfilled “its commitments within its framework”. Association agreement with the European Union To legitimately promote all relevant aspects of this framework in transparency, despite the heterogeneous nature of the business framework on both sides,” he declared.

On Wednesday, Algeria suspended the Treaty of Friendship and Direct Debit for foreign trade because of Spain’s support for Morocco’s proposal for autonomy over Western Sahara, though it assured Spain of guaranteeing gas supplies and The economic measure does not mean the termination of the trade relationship.

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