Algerian president sacks finance minister amid crisis with Spain


Abdraman Rauya had only four months

Algerian President Abdelmayid Tebun.
Algerian President Abdelmayid Tebun.DPA
  • Problem Algeria urged the European Union not to interfere and accused the Spanish government of ignoring “essential values”.
  • diplomacy Sanchez’s ministers described the crisis with Algeria as a “disaster” and fears for gas supplies

President of Algeria, Abdelmayid Tebun, The Finance Minister has been sacked this Tuesday, Abdraman Roya, After just four months in office and amid a crisis with Spain, state news agency APS reported in a brief statement.

“In accordance with the provisions of article 91, paragraph 7 of the Constitution, and after consultation with the Prime Minister, Emin Benbadaraman, The President, Abdelmayid Tebun, has signed a presidential decree ending the functions of the Minister of Finance, Abderman Rouya,” the text reads.

In return, President Tebune has ordered the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, Brahim Jamal Kasali, which “guarantees the interim” of the portfolio.

Although the brief does not give much detail, the expiration comes a week after the suspension of the Good Neighborhood Treaty with Spain, which has been in force since 2002, and the freezing of direct debits for foreign trade operations of products from this country. ,

Last Friday, Algeria rebuked the European Commission for being “haste” in supporting Spain in this diplomatic crisis, saying the breakup of this bilateral agreement would not affect those who maintain it. Brussels.

The Algerian mission to the European Union denies that among the decisions adopted are to curb current transactions. Spain and says that “it exists only in the minds of those who claim it and who have rushed to tarnish it.”

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