Alicia Sainz: “I Still Don’t Know How I Had The Balls To Go To Hollywood At 25”


The Ceuta actress is one of the stars of the first Spanish series ‘Now and Then’ on Apple TV

Actress Alicia Sanz, star of 'Now and Then'
Actress Alicia Sanz, star of ‘Now and Then’Apple TV

the dream girl that she was Alicia Sanzo (Ceuta, 1988) Who lives in his childhood: the dream. have already become a reality. Dream of succeeding in the acting world, working in Hollywood with directors like Robert Rodriguez or being one of the protagonists of the recently released film now, the first Spanish series for Apple TV. With 32 years. «I would never have imagined that I would get here from a small town, I didn’t even know what Hollywood was, it wasn’t in my plan,

Until he was 25 years old and living in Los Angeles with a friend. and there he went after his debut in the daily series like shoulder strap, love is forever hey hawks, This is how international projects began to come and go after the pandemic with the casting of Sofia, the young alter ego of Maribel Verdi. noir Made by Bamboo. “There was an audition by Zoom with so many girls who looked like her, we mingled with her and she already asked me to be there. As soon as he gave it to me, he called me and invited me to his house because we wanted to make something that was both,

How much of that Sophia is in Alicia and vice versa?
A lot is because Sofia is a dreamer, she went to USA to study her degree, she is very close to her friends… how to manage life.
You actually went to the United States of America speaking English
I don’t know how it happened, I never thought of pursuing a career in the USA, but I had a friend who lived here and suddenly I felt the yellow brick road, how easy it is to follow instinct.
Have you ever regretted it?
No, because I never look back, everything is as it should be. I do things properly so as not to regret. That’s why I’m here now because and I don’t want to regret not giving it my all.
And how does it feel to be 25 years old away from home and in that huge industry?
Now I look back and I still don’t know how I had the balls to get into Hollywood at 25. I did not understand how big it is and what it means to make a career. Now with the years I look back and I don’t know if I would have the courage to give up so much, bet and face so many things.
At first she auditioned about 100 times and was caught in only three. You don’t think about leaving it there?
I remember calling my mom crying because I couldn’t say three words in a row without stopping. Auditions here are very different, you go into a room and you have a chance, if you make a mistake you are out. It was very frustrating at first, but I had so many auditions that I didn’t have time to think about how bad I had done because I had to study for the next one.

Even more so for a newcomer who came from working in daily series, the most scandalous genre on television. ,When you come to Hollywood they don’t care what you have done or what work you have done in your country, we all start fresh and you have to earn your job., She earned it and even went back to her country in projects el sidoWhere she played the role of Donna Uraka.

How much have you been compared to Penelope Cruz for that?
The comparisons are disgusting, but I’m grateful they see me as Penelope, a compliment because it takes a lot of courage to forge your own kind in this industry.
Is it still forbidden to go to Hollywood in Spain?
I hope and feel that this is changing as we are out more and more. And since there are more and more of us, I guess they don’t point to us as much. Although I think it is irreversible.
Does the fact of leaving have nothing to do with the lack of opportunities in Spain?
When I came in his era it was very different, there were fewer opportunities and projects, but that has changed. Ours is a series in which actors from all over the world come together
Is living abroad harmful to finding work in Spain?
I don’t think I couldn’t be in el sido If I had not come to the United States and had this experience of life.
Does Being Latino in the United States Hurt?
I have worked a lot on the pronunciation so as not to fall into the cliché that still exists, although we are breaking out of it every now and then. She’s no longer the typical Latina who only plays uncle and I’m not pigeonholed into those Latina characters.
But the pronunciation has worked so that the Spanish doesn’t sound
If you have a very strong accent, the first thing they’re going to see is it. I, who did not grow up speaking English, still devote many hours to it because it opens up a field of immense possibilities for me.
Was there ever a plan B for becoming an actress?
No, it was never like that and my advice to those who want to act is not to take it. If you have a plan B in life, he will take it because it will get easier.
How has the mix of Latin cultures been in the series with actors from so many countries?
I was already running a project involving Latinos. Cities like Los Angeles or Miami are brothels of different nationalities, that’s the real thing. The weird thing is that making a neutral Latino because each one has their own accent and who has to show it enriches the series a lot. More such projects should be done.

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